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In 2008, organizers with the Internet-based group Anonymous began waves of protests outside Scientology churches in many countries. Anonymous said it was protesting the Church of Scientology’s attempts to censor Internet posts of material the church considered proprietary — including a video of Tom Cruise, an ardent Scientologist, that was created for a church event but was leaked and posted on YouTube.Wow that’s a scary story. Thanks for sharing it. You both are so brave. I can’t imagine how it feels to know you are being watched. I clicked on the link and found out that the scientology billionaires that bought the Holy City /Santa cruz property are very close to where I live . WALKING DISTANCE!! I’ll be keeping an eye open to see if and when they move there or if they develop the property.It’s crazy because it wouldn’t actually be that hard to genuinely do good works. As in good works that did not benefit them, were not connected to them (I mean like a front group is) and did not bring in money for them. Which I suppose would be the crux of the problem, since making money is their god. But they could fund a few soup kitchens for the homeless, as an example. And NOT do touch assists, NOT try and send them to Narconon (not that they would anyway since they couldn’t pay), NOT try and get them into the cult and not talk to them about Scientology in any way or victimise them.

Get detailed information about Michael Rinder, including previous known addresses, phone numbers, jobs, schools, or run a comprehensive background check anonymously By 16, she was recruited into the Sea Org, so named because it once operated from ships, wearing a Navy-like uniform with epaulets on the shoulders for work. She fully believed in the mission: to “clear the planet” of negative influences by bringing Scientology to its inhabitants. Her mindset then, Ms. Collbran said, was: “This planet needs our help, and people are suffering. And we have the answers.”The only way ‘Source’ helps anyone is to strip away their self-determinism, steal their money, their youth and then drop them in disgust when they are no longer useful.Soon after, naturally, Collbran’s strings were yanked—not pulled—back to Rinder’s bed in Florida.We need to go no further than this one revelation to know beyond a doubt that L Ron Hubbard was a man on the dark side. Take note, Hubbard here is showing his true colors.

The bigger issue currently is getting enough folks in power to finally do something about it. On that score, the cherch’s religious cloak of impunity is also worn by much larger and more powerful entities who resist reform and close scrutiny for their own reasons, which provides cover for the cult as an ancillary consequence. Learn more about the relationship between Marty Rathbun and his only surviving brother, Hadden Scott, who he hasn't seen in decades. Learn how Anderson Cooper & CNN portrayed Marty as being a man of family values even though he was no part in the life of his only living sibling

I now live in Palm Harbor, Florida with my wife Christie, her son Shane and our son Jack, born in April 2012.She said her uncle owned the house and was letting her live there for free. She was from the Tampa area, grew up there, but had been living in New Port Richey prior to moving to Tarpon Springs. She had split up with her son’s father. He was apparently a lot older than her, but had been messing around with more than one woman at a time. She said she had some kind of physical problem as a result of a car accident, though appeared healthy from my observation.  We didn’t have a lot in common, but I was friendly with her because it seemed like the right thing to do and I wanted Shane to have a friend.the question is how do you not think you were crazy for suspecting her? the people with no inside contacts will never know if what they were feeling was a church stalker or not. So lucky you got the relief of confirmation that it was a stalker…some will never know if the strange things happening to them are just bad luck or stalking.The Collbrans, despite their efforts to remain in good standing in the church, were declared suppressive persons last year. The church discovered that Mr. Collbran had traveled to Texas to talk with Mr. Rathbun, the defector who runs a Web site that has become an online community for what he calls “independent Scientologists.”True, I should have said the whole spying operation was clumsy. I’m sure that is coming from the top. I still have no idea what intel they were looking for.

How many Scientology students have been introverted into a confidence destroying, soul destroying, mind destroying, life destroying self condemnation, by always defaulting to seeing ourselves as evil for wanting to leave an abusive situation ?If someone says ‘Bless your heart’ after receiving a gift, they did NOT like it. Or they hate you. ?

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  1. It’s strange how long it takes sometimes for the penny to drop. Your natural goodness gives the benefit of the doubt. I found myself doing that many times whilst a still-in. Forgiving this, overlooking that, but underneath, was a percolating discontent or suspicion that all is not well.
  2. Marty Rathbun, who was once Mr. Miscavige’s top lieutenant, is now one of the church’s top detractors. The churches used to be busy places where members socialized and invited curious visitors to give Scientology a try, he said, but now the church is installing touch-screen displays so it can introduce visitors to Scientology with little need for Scientologists on site.
  3. Mike Rinder's baby girlfriend, Christie Collbran, told me a little about the auditing that she had received in Texas from Marty Rathbun and the situation with Chris, her husband. She talked about how good things were, things in general, but at home things really began to unravel soon after her first visit to Texas
  4. Ms. Collbran, who is 33, said she loved the church so much that she never thought she would leave. Her parents were dedicated church members in Los Angeles, and she attended full-time Scientology schools for several years. When she was 8 or 9, she took the basic communications course, which teaches techniques for persuasive public speaking and improving self-confidence and has served as a major recruiting tool.
  5. ded me about the T ball sign up dates, and said she hoped to see me there. I didn’t go. When I never showed up for the T ball games she asked me about it. She said she was really hoping that we would both have our kids there together and we could hang out.
  6. Thanks, Mike, I’ve heard that Briticism, but he’s using the word as a proper noun: “I am a Tata”, so…? Google gave me no clue. Maybe there is no such thing and a troll is enjoying the little snack I furnished.
  7. Mr. Davis said there is no such thing: “One can’t be a Scientologist and not be part of the church.”

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Johantgen said she was treating Rinder's girlfriend, Christie Collbran, shortly after noon when they heard loud voices from the front of the office. Someone was saying Collbran's name. It was Rinder, who had come inside to call police after the group took his keys. According to Rinder, the group yelled: You are a f----- SP Meanwhile, husband Chris grew as unstable as the couple's relationship. He made a “suicide” attempt—more or less—trying to “slice his wrists” with an electric razor and then a toenail clipper—literally.In Johannesburg, officials made the church look busy for publicity photographs by filling it with Sea Org members, the Collbrans said. To make their numbers look good for headquarters, South African parishioners took their maids and gardeners to church.

WHAT? She must be from another planet. I JUST HAD A BABY. DOES SHE THINK I WANT TO MEET HER AT A PARK? She’s had a child. Doesn’t she know that a woman who has just had a baby needs to rest??? And not only that, but she was not a very close friend. Why would I, in the first week after my baby was born, want to spend time with her at a park? An Open Letter to Eddie King, father of Christie King Rinder (formerly Colbran). NOTE: I have mentioned Christie's former surname, Colbran, only for purposes of identification, Google, Bing, etc. By doing so, I do not intend any disrespect or to be presumptuous, but instead to be ractical in this one case On a personal note, I wanted to thank Christie Collbran, Mike's girlfriend, for putting up with us over two days so close to her delivery date. She and Mike are expecting a baby boy any day now CLEARWATER, Fla. — Raised as Scientologists, Christie King Collbran and her husband, Chris, were recruited as teenagers to work for the elite corps of staff members who keep the Church of Scientology running, known as the Sea Organization, or Sea Org.. They signed a contract for a billion years — in keeping with the church's belief that Scientologists are immortal

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M Gase: Lucky you ! You appear to be one of those people who can speak ‘jack ass’ in several languages. Good luck with that.Thanks for sharing this Christi. In the 1980’s, Scientology tried to get my wife to be a spy for them. They tried to recruit her for undercover work. She caught on to the game and quit. Scientology will not stop its insane policies which is proven by your recent story. There really is no solution for the Scientology issue except the revocation of its tax exempt status.One can google search those title books if one wishes to understand Hubbard’s plot, not many will I’m afraid to say.

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Me: If you looked at it then you know what it is all about. It’s not too late to redeem yourself unless you prefer taking money from a criminal organization that destroyed my family and many others. I can help you if you want it. But there are many obvious flaws with this whole op most notably that either the person running it was a dolt and novice or they were/are an institutionalized Sea Org member with zero reality on such things as child birth and social acceptances. It’s obsessive control. DM wants to miss nothing and, somehow, have the feeling that he is informed about every detail of his ‘enemies” lives.

“I want to go on a trip soon. I’m starting to plan one but not sure where to go just a small trip for us to relax. Did you have a good time? How did Jack do? Babies do pretty good on planes. It’s when they get a little bigger it get hard. I got a part time job at Branden’s school. That has been keeping me busy. I love working with the kids. We are about to head to the zoo for pumpkin smash. All the animals get special treats today and its fun to watch then play with and eat them. Hope all is well and we get together soon maybe trick or treat we will see each other. Brandon does miss Shane. 🙂 Have a good day and a great weekend.” Scientology is an esoteric religion in which the faith is revealed gradually to those who invest their time and money to master Mr. Hubbard’s teachings. Scientologists believe that human beings are impeded by negative memories from past lives, and that by applying Mr. Hubbard’s “technology,” they can reach a state known as clear.Hubtard should have joined the mafia rather than open a “church”. Obviously that was a better fit for his mind and objectives.Wow, their are no words in my mind that will wash off the feeling of the slime and filth that the Cof$ creates by its covet surveillance/operations. They truly have complete contempt for life and the people wanting to live it. It’s a mystery to me why they bother to be so evil, but such is the paranoia imbedded in the subject so deeply by “source.” Carry on a bit wiser than yesterday I suppose is an appropriate defence against being a target of such a horrible organisation. Best of luck.

“A Tata is a master of the arts of mediumship, spiritual workings and divination”. Tatas (priests) have to learn songs (called Mambos) as well as study herbs and other plants used in their healing and communication with the dead and in telling the future. Black magic is also involved, dont’cha know! ( ps: I got that number of confirmed sordid episodes by the CoS on the meter and got a Blowdown on that exact number.)When Mr. Collbran decided he wanted to leave the Sea Org, he was sent to Los Angeles, where potential defectors are assigned to do menial labor while they reconsider their decision. Ms. Collbran remained in Johannesburg, and for three months the church refused to allow them to contact each other, the Collbrans said.

Do people that hand over their hard earned money to the IAS or other scientology entities have any idea their money is being used for this sort of thing? No.  Mike rinder and scientology keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this websit That day she also brought ANOTHER gift for the baby. She said she just happened to see it and couldn’t resist. Blech. I’d really had enough and thought to myself – I don’t need to spend my time or even talk to this girl. I don’t have to feel sorry for her.  I decided I wasn’t going to waste any more time with her. There were too many red flags.“Your request for the agentes techniques recalls me that this here area is shore revolutionary, pard. They just ain’t ferget noth’in about Reconstruction. Down at the library, all the way back in the vault, are four full lengths shelves of books such as THE PSYCHOLOGY OF REVOLUTION, ERRORS MADE BY ROBESPIEPE, THE POWER OF THE RABBLE, LAWS GOVERNING LEVEE EN MASSE, HOME BOMB MANUFACTURE, ASSASSINATION AS A POLITICAL TECHNIQUE, etc. etc. for about three hundred big, authoritative volumes. And I never before seen a single one of them.”In a sense it’s classic Scientology – they can never be patient and do things the “normal” way, they want results NOW! which means they are often clumsy and weird in their approach to anything.

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The purpose of doing this? I guess one has to posses a very crooked mind and no soul, for that matter, to engage in this criminal activity, which purpose only a putrified soul may have; I can’t envision a real purpose for this. So, of course, we did. She now had my phone number and she began texting me on a regular basis. I was happy to have a potential new friend and neighbor with a son close in age to Shane. As a child I always had neighborhood friends and I wanted Shane to have the same. One day we went over to her house and let the kids play while we chatted. Then another day she came over to my house and we let the kids play while we chatted. Christie King Collbran Videos PDF | Print | E-mail: Thursday, 11 March 2010 09:07 I thought you kicked ass on that vid Christie....fair play . Refresh comments list RSS feed for comments to this post. Mike Rinder's Blog Friends of L. Ron Hubbard SaveScientology.com RediscoverScientology.co

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  2. Summary: Michael Rinder was born on 04/01/1955 and is 65 years old. Previous to Michael's current city of Palm Harbor, FL, Michael Rinder lived in Los Angeles CA. In the past, Michael has also been known as Michael J Rinder
  3. g pools etc.  The rent alone had to be around $2,000+ a month. Not a typical location for a “single-unemployed-mom” in these parts.

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  1. It was in Johannesburg, where the couple had gone to supervise the building of a new Scientology organization, that Mr. Collbran, who is 29, began to have doubts. He had spent months at church headquarters in Clearwater revising the design for the Johannesburg site to meet Mr. Miscavige’s demands.
  2. g increasingly annoying. I didn’t get as many messages from my very best friends in the whole wide world as I did from Heather. Maybe she was just clueless about how to make friends and maintain relations? It was hard to be sure.
  3. PS Mike feel free to edit this part out. This is for you two… but it looks like she’s kind of a mess and someone who’s stayed in chaos. 14 years as a single mom and I never asked others to pay my utilities on a website. Yuck. https://www.gofundme.com/hug9i4

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It’s not just a woman thing; it’s also a southern (USA) thing. We are bred to be polite. CLEARWATER, Fla. - Raised as Scientologists , Christie King Collbran and her husband, Chris, were recruited as teenagers to work for the elite corps of staff members who keep the Church of Scientology running, known as the Sea Organization, or Sea Org. They signed a contract for a billion years - in keeping with th New York Times - March 6, 2010 Defectors Say Church of Scientology Hides Abuse By LAURIE GOODSTEIN CLEARWATER, Fla. — Raised as Scientologists, Christie King Collbran and her husband, Chris, were recruited as teenagers to work for the elite corps of staff members who keep the Church of Scientology running, known as the Sea Organization, or Sea Org

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  1. Around this time, we were planning a move to a new house. I told her we were moving soon. She offered to help and said she wasn’t doing much anyway and we could call her any time. We never did.
  2. Definitely would be interested if you come up with the name of the book Frodis. Being mom of three boys & one girl, I want to help her avoid the missteps I made. My boys (the older two) turned out amazing with great boundaries yet still tell me, “Mom sometimes you’re too nice & it’s ok not to be with some people!” I get that but it’s definitely an ingrained habit from wanting to be liked & accepted. Of course I want my children to be nice & polite but have better boundaries than I did for sure.
  3. Hi Heather – thanks for speaking out and doing the right thing. Could you please go to the President of the United States and IRS and tell them your story? You could help us take down this evil cult.
  4. Now Christie will have a sense of unease when any new person attempts to be her friend or any ex-scientologist for that matter because of what happened here. They’ve driven a wedge there. Its those insidious little ways that they worm their way into your brain.

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A couple weeks later I got another text message: “Whatever happened that resulted in you not wanting to talk to us anymore, I’m really sorry. I really want to be your friend…. Blah, blah, blah.”Incredible story. Can’t imagine having to deal with that type of BS while trying to put your energy into raising and living a healthy and happy family life.In 1993, when she was 16, Christie joined the Sea Organization, where she remained for 13 years. She worked at Church organizations in Los Angeles and New York. She married Chris Collbran in 1999, when she was 22 and he 18. It was her second marriage.Thank you for what you do Mike!!!! I’m glad she found peace. This is a great example how the church will affect the average Joe videographer that has nothing to do with the church. I figured out it was wrong after four days and turn down a lot of money in the long run but it was worth it knowing my mind was free. Thank you for telling a small stories like mine to make a big difference In someone’s life to set them free!!

Christie Collbran The host couldn't even bring himself to at least mention that his ingénue interviewee was the absentee Rinder's current live-in lover. When originally introducing Christie Collbran (with whom he so casually strolled through Central Park), a television tabloid host assures viewers that she doesn't really want to destroy. Mr. Headley, who wrote a book about his experiences, is suing the church for back wages, saying that over 15 years his salary averaged out to 39 cents an hour. His wife, who said the church coerced her into having two abortions, has also filed a suit. The couple now have two small children. And at the center of this family, the sun that nourishes it with life-giving light, of course, is the Queen of the Slipstream - your daughter Christie King Rinder. Thank you for letting me know and be part of this incredible family. I want you to know that I still abide by our shared team sports ethos

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  1. Yeah, I always figured that the IRS was completely aware of what was, and still is, going on with scientology and simply knuckled under because they didn’t want to deal with all the lawsuits anymore. I’m still quite surprised by this, since the IRS would have a bunch of attorneys to deal with just this type of situation. I think we’ll be waiting quite some time to see scientology’s undeserved tax-exempt status revoked. I hope I live long enough to see it!
  2. Wow…I’m constantly amazed at the lengths these “people” will go to and ruin other’s lives. Thank you guys for keeping us informed of all the craziness. We live in a rather low key New Mexico city and thankfully haven’t seen anything/one Scientology related, yet…fingers crossed.
  3. I don’t think it is an American thing, but more of a woman thing. Unfortunately society, and even family/friends emphasize that we should always be polite and nice above all at all times…even though this can, and does, put us in danger. You can see this inner voice playing out in Christie’s story…on one hand she is thinking WTF? but on other doesn’t want to be rude. There is a book out there about this exact subject detailing why women get this message and how to ignore it and listen to our gut, or inner voice and say no without feeling bad or guilty about it. I can’t remember the author or name right now but will post it when I am on computer vs. the phone. I know fear is in the title and there may be a TED talk about it. This is actually a pretty important and topical subject and this story is an excellent example. I am glad she shared it with us.
  4. Christie, thanks so much for sharing this experience with us. You were extremely patient and kind and polite with this creature. Honestly, this stuff cannot be made up. Total insanity. Glad it ended well, and I’d say you got thru to her with your clean, honest energy expressed with good manners. Wow!
  5. Plus, as Christie points out, even if the effort is clumsy and failed, it still intimidates the intended targets by letting them know they are essentially being stalked, watched and followed, and have to wonder who they can trust. The one thing that brought Marty Rathbun to tears, was when he talked about the difficulty of he and his wife have making friends, because of Scientology’s continuing interference in their personal lives.

So she intentionally conceived a child. She knew that the Sea Org did not allow its members to have children, and she had known women who were removed when they refused to have abortions. She waited until her pregnancy had almost reached the end of the first trimester to inform her superiors. It still took two months before the church let the Collbrans go, in 2006, and not before making them sign affidavits.Problems would show up when the exterior thetans got wind that what they were doing was committing an overt, and withdraw/lose their abilities henceforth.The tabloid host’s response as to why he didn’t let his viewers know would no doubt be his favorite catchphrase: “I didn’t think it was relevant.”Because according to them, this is a polite, southern way of saying “You really are a jerk”, or, “Fuck you”. So its like a covert hostility thing.

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  2. What a train wreck of a spy operation! In a way it is comforting to know that their spies have become the same dilettantes as the organization’s sales personnel. I would assume that the desperate bonding efforts and the frequency of the text messages were borne out of the fact that they could not get anyone else near the inner sanctum of the Rinder family. Accordingly the woman was probably constantly told in true Scientology style “to get a product” and that “outflow equals inflow”.
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  4. Letters they wrote to each other were intercepted, they said. Finally, Ms. Collbran was permitted to go to Los Angeles, but husband and wife were kept separated for another three months, the Collbrans said, while they went through hours of special auditing sessions called “confessionals.” The auditors tried to talk them out of leaving, and the Collbrans wavered.
  5. This happened a few more times and we chatted a bit more each time. She lived about three houses away from us, catty corner across the street.  We could see her house from our front door. It was just her and her four-year-old son, Brandon.

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I am lucky to live far enough away from a hub that it is less likely to happen to me, but fair game was so ingrained in the psyche when you were in that it is always in the back of your mind, and it is an unfortunate truth that some people who are not in will do anything for money and some who are in will do anything to stay in good standing. Rinder and his first wife, divorced after 35 years, he and his second wife, Christie King Collbran, have a son. He has no contact with his two adult children from his first marriage. Rinder's official biography has since been removed from the official Church of Scientology website. In 2009, St. Petersburg Times asked Rinder for an interview. A. It could be suggested that without the hate and enemy based compute of the Cof$ they would not exist. They truly are an anti-life religion, for without an enemy there is no game and no money, hence they create their own enemies. Hubbard knew he cooked his own goose when it became obvious his Bridge went nowhere and the state of OT turned out to be about as legitimate as his war record. Lies are the only thing that keeps that organisation afloat. One day one of the torpedoes fired at it will hit the mark and down she goes.

Mike Rinder. Rinder in April 2010. Born: Michael John Rinder 10 April 1955 (age 64) Adelaide,. Today March 6th in Scientology history ===== The president of the Church of Scientology in Los... March 6, 1986, Catherine Gewertz, UP DECLARATIONS Compiled by BReppen - Updated March 6, 2013 JUNE 2009 MARTY RATHBUN - 2nd highest ranking executive in the CofS Inspector General RTC, highly Tech & Admin trained. Author of What is Wrong with Scientology and The Scientology Reformation MIKE RINDER - former Executive Director OSA Int'l TOM DE VOCHT - Oversaw the CofS Headquarters in Clearwate Mike Rinder Overview Mike Rinder has been associated with three companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a two year period with the most recent being incorporated two years ago in December of 2017. Two of the companies are still active while the remaining one is now listed as inactive I picture how DM sees himself as being in one big cops-n-robbers game. And somehow he has TC believing the whole conspiracy, too. Both need help. Thanks for the story.

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Mike Rinder & Christie Colbran getting married tomorrow I HELP UK Has Flatlined Regraded Being Leah Remini on Her Break With the Church of Scientology How To Handle Enemies L. Ron Hubbard Style Scientology Told Travolta Not to Do Pulp Fiction -- Vulture. In 2000, the couple transferred to the Church’s South African Continental Office in Johannesburg, and over the next several years their relationship with each other—and with the Church—headed south. Taryn (daughter of Mike Rinder) is a Sea Org member, born and bred in the cult. The cult that energises and fosters children to turn in their parents via Knowledge Reports snitching on them, Taryn.. When we returned, October 13th, just 3 hours after we got home from the airport, I got the following text message from Heather as if it was a bright new novel idea: Mike Rinder: | | | |Mike Rinder| | | | | ||| World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive.

Great write up Brian. Hubbard intended to be Lucifer. A careful reading of occult texts, shows that Hubbard wanted the entire universe under his control just like Satan. In the end, Satan is defeated just like Hubbard.That the tabloid host himself knew every sordid detail of Christie Collbran’s story and never whispered a word of it to his viewers is yet another wrinkle in her soap opera. Learn about Mike Rinder's hostile confrontations and with media outlets and his irresponsible handling of interviews with newspapers while working for the Church of Scientology. Learn how Mike Rinder is now using his contacts to spread his hatred towards to Church Welll………there are SOME men who refer to “female breasts” as “tata’s”….

Six months later, on December 14th, 2016 after Scientology the Aftermath had begun airing on TV, Heather found me on facebook and sent me a private message:Then again, not always. Sometimes “Bless your heart” can be a warm sincere, empathetic comment. They may spend hundreds of hours in one-on-one “auditing” sessions, holding the slim silver-colored handles of an e-meter while an auditor asks them questions and takes notes on what they say and on the e-meter’s readings.

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The Story of a Scientology Spy. January 8, Christie Collbran . Though this happened a few years ago, there seemed no urgent reason to make it known. The person apologized and we believe it was sincere. We wish her no harm, she realized what she was doing was wrong. Mike Rinder, you have a winner on your team Yesterday, former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder posted a chilling account by his wife Christie Collbran about a Scientology spy who worked to become a part of their lives.. Christie wrote that beginning in January 2012, a woman named Heather living on their street in Tarpon Springs, Florida began approaching her about spending time together. When Mike and Christie moved the next month to. Scientology parishioners interviewed in Clearwater seemed unperturbed by the protests, headlines and lawsuits.

Me: Heather, you ought to find out more about the organization that hired you. I sincerely recommend you do some research. Here is a good place to start: www:caller.com/news/2011/aug/06/former-Scientology-film-crew-member-describes-in/I considered taking Heather’s name out of this story and protecting her identity since she has apologized and has expressed her fear of backlash from the church. But Steve Cannane already published her full name in his book so I have left her name in this story.The church has responded to the bad publicity by denying the accusations and calling attention to a worldwide building campaign that showcases its wealth and industriousness. Last year, it built or renovated opulent Scientology churches, which it calls Ideal Orgs, in Rome; Malmo, Sweden; Dallas; Nashville; and Washington. And at its base here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, it continued buying hotels and office buildings (54 in all) and constructing a 380,000-square-foot mecca that looks like a convention center.Christie, I’m so sorry for all the crappy things the C of $ put you and your darling family through. Disgusting. On the bright side, you are a fabulously talented writer. I know how busy kids can keep you, but when you have the time, you should write some more. Your prose is inspired. Mike Rinder's Live-in Media Puppet Christie Collbran Cooper couldn't even bring himself to at least mention that his ingénue interviewee was the absentee Rinder's current live-in lover. When originally introducing Christie Collbran (with whom he so casually strolled through Central Park), Anderson Cooper assures AC360viewers that she doesn't really want to destroy the Church of.

In this particular case, it appears that there’s more to this story to be told (see here https://tonyortega.org/2018/01/09/it-was-my-job-to-get-mike-rinders-trash-a-former-scientology-spy-begins-to-spill-her-guts/#more-45194 ), which is completely unsurprising given dead Elron’s eternally operative directions to “utterly ruin” its perceived enemies whenever the opportunity arises.The church immediately sent emissaries to Ms. Collbran’s parents’ house in Los Angeles to inform them that their daughter was “suppressive,” Ms. Collbran said. They have refused to speak to her ever since. Recently, Ms. Collbran received an e-mail message from her mother calling her a “snake in the grass.”

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But not long after the couple left the Sea Org, Christie turns up on Marty Rathbun’s doorstep. Her marriage on the rocks, she's severed all ties with her family, breaking her parents’ hearts, and now she knows not where to turn.While reading the whole account, I was at times reminded of the 1970s love bombing tactics of the “Children of God”. They had a similar approach. Yesterday, Christie Collbran told a chilling tale at Mike Rinder's website about how she and Mike figured out that a neighborhood friend turned out to be a Scientology spy. Today, we reveal that.. Mr. Collbran, for his part, wants nothing to do with his former church. “Eventually I realized I was part of a con,” he said, “and I have to leave it and get on with my life.”But the Ideal Orgs are supposed to be self-supporting, and the Johannesburg church was generating only enough to pay each of the Collbrans $17 a week, Mr. Collbran said.I had good friends that I had known for years, such as Jack Airey, who had the decency to send congratulations and say: “I’ll see you in a couple of months when things have settled down.” Yes, that is what you say to a new Mom. And I honestly would have been more than happy for Jack Airey to stop by in the first week to see baby Jack because I KNOW him well and I love him. Heather, a mere acquaintance, was demanding to see us but doing it in such a way that I almost felt bad for not seeing her. It was a strange, guilt-laden vibe.

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