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Building My Cedar Strip Canoe: Spring was just starting to arrive in northern Minnesota, and after a long winter, I was getting anxious to get back out into my little wood shop and start another project. Having more time than money on my hands, the project had only two cr.. My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Replied to Redbaron14n in For whatever reason, when I got to day 13, this happened. flaming_couches 3 years ago I'm not sure, but the same thing occurred to me when I got there again in 0.0.61 If you're not close enough when you toss, it won't work, and if it hits other things after it's left the anvil, it won't work - Example If the item falls off the anvil, and lands in front of the forge = Its good, hammer it again and it'll dismantle or go back to the anvil (change shape

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Okay, I have managed to download the update, I tried it again in-game and it was able to complete it. I don't know what was happening, it might have been something on my end, but the 14.4 setup downloaded from here still doesn't work for me. Maybe something to look into, just incase anyone else has run into the problem too There's one cutscene that doesn't really work in the game (I can't find a way to fix it, saddly), My Little Blacksmith Shop by Dasius 2,321 followers. Box Life by tequibo 592 followers. Vecter by taranasus 974 followers. Forgotten by Robert Hohn 1,693 followers. Locked items that are being smelted when smelter starts heating, rather than when selecting an output. A little more info given to player when purchasing the house. other minor changes and additions were added but were either forgotten or not worth mentioning. Files. My Little BlackSmith Shop Win32 Alpha 0.1.1 505 MB. Apr 01, 2019. Marriage in the mod makes use of the AI packages built in to the vanilla game for the RelationshipMarriageFin quest. If the vanilla spouse packages don't have a sandbox that makes use of the forge, I suppose it'd be possible to give her a custom sandbox for Hearthfire and set it at a higher priority

by o PazzuzU o · 4 posts. Sticky How to INSTALL/UPDATE My Little Blacksmith Shop! (Installation Tutorial/Guide) by The Hard Croc · 49 posts. Sticky A road map of future features to be added! by NINJA · 9 posts. Sticky Mac and Linux. by Dasius · 48 posts. Sticky Discord server! by NINJA · 2 posts Update: 0.0.82 changed how time works, so unfortunately you will have to sleep. :( A lot of other things have changed too, so please stand by while I figure out what to update here...

My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Created a new topic how do i. mybe upgrade for stuff like faster smelter, more room, more boxes because i like using them for storge and stuff like that. Reply. My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Posted in Bug Reports. or like when two people work at the same shop and work together My Little Blacksmith Shop. Alles Discussies Screenshots Artwork Uitzendingen Video's Nieuws Gidsen Recensies 16 in de groepschat | Statistieken weergeven. Mine, gather, combine and sell your wares to customers. Play at your pace. $9.99. Winkelpagina bezoeken. Vroegtijdige toegang. Dasius on Update 0.0.7 : My Little Home. @maxiliase I guess they would be aesthetic. On update 0.8, you can purchase larger houses. This can benefit in terms of storage. I can definetly think of ways that having house can benefit the player more. Like increasing customers coming at the shop, increase prices, etc.. But at the moment. They are. View all by DasiusDasiusFollow DasiusFollowFollowing DasiusFollowingAdd To CollectionCollectionCommunityDevlogRelated gamesRelatedMy Little Blacksmith ShopA downloadable game for Windows

However. On reload, most items "grabbed" by you, either once, twice, or etc - will be "ungrabbed" because /you/ left the equation, and /you/ are required for "grab" - they become normal/unlocked after that.StatusIn developmentPlatformsWindowsRating(612)AuthorsDasius, NINJAMade withUnreal Engine, Blender, Adobe PhotoshopTags3D, Atmospheric, blacksmith, Casual, Colorful, Crafting, Fantasy, First-Person, SingleplayerAsset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial_NoDerivatives v4.0 InternationalAverage sessionDays or moreLanguagesEnglishInputsKeyboard, MouseLinksSteam, Homepage, PatreonMentionsitch.io year in review 2017Install instructionsOnce download is complete - Unzip game to somewhere on your computer. All containers are safe inside the home. They were duplicated and marked not to respawn. The house is buyable for 2500 gold from Gerdur in Riverwood. What this plugin changes:-----A house is added to Riverwood. A smelter is added to riverwood near the blacksmith. The house is buyable from Gerdur.-----Installation C) Alternatively - Use the Light Crystal, saves crate room for more ore, and lights /almost/ as much (not as far a light range, not quite as bright) I feel a blacksmith should be focused on work in their shop. They're not miners or lumberjacks. Instead, you could order raw wood and raw ores if you want to go a cheaper route. Some pieces might require leather, so maybe add in some purchasable leather too

Last night I got home from work and I wanted to try out this furnace. I drove to the store and got a bulk propane tank. After i got back home i unboxed the furnace. Within 30 minutes it was assembled and ready to go. I connected the propane and fired it up. I'm a beginner and I was very cautious. It actually took me an hour to melt my first can Welcome to my let's play of My Little Blacksmith Shop! Today My Little Blacksmith Shop got an update that adds in AXES and The SMELTER! We're also seeing if anything else has changed in My Little. My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Posted in Bug Reports o PazzuzU o 297 days ago After the recent update (0.1.1 update 1) alot of the game breaking stuff is gone but now, the list of customers and what they bought and how much they paid is bugged, It just says 0 copper on everything. and Iv made 3 new games and they run great until I start. You get about 4 chances, give or take, depending on how fast you are, waiting for the perfect chance may cost you a stack of benefits. - Didn't readily notice intelligence factor for it though after figuring out you could do it

The smelter can be found outside next to the forge at the start of a new game. The smelter can be fueled by inserting either coal or firewood into the fuel slot on the left side. Coal can be obtained from the mine in coal veins, while firewood can be obtained by chopping down trees and turning the logs into firewood using an axe. Only one fuel source will be burned at a time, so stocking up. forge ahead To proceed with something. The start of my presentation did not go as I had hoped, but I had to just forge ahead and keep talking. See also: ahead, forge forge away at (something) To work on or toward goal or task with great determination, diligence, and vigor. I've been forging away at my little business here for two years, and now I've. I am attempting to make the first FFD game with no OCs so far we've got Fredbear, Springbonnie and the puppet. my other project is being worked on by me and a friend, so I'm not working on that one alone. 1 Leave a comment... ShatteredSans @ShatteredSans 1 year My Little Blacksmith Shop by Dasius 2,324 followers. Nox Timore by Vidas. The same applies for your own crate, or using the basket crate later. - If you leave with lidded items, those are the items you bought, unlidding it and using the items later, results in "Stolen" labels - which, seem to currently not be fully implemented- there's reports of people still managing to sell them to npcs. - but the game still sees it as "you bought the lidded set, how did you get that unlidded set outside of the shop without paying?? Stolen. Stop right there, criminal scum! My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Created a new topic the weapons placed in the dark wood shelves of the first shop and all the handles placed in the boxes of the work table are bagged without being able to use the same for the weapons, they are also forbidden to use if I try to break them in the furnace (which in parenthesis does not.

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Ores that were harvested will automatically respawn the next day as a completely random ore type. There is a chance that it may respawn as ores that are too high-tier for you to harvest -- if this happens, the ore will remain there unharvestable until you either upgrade your pickaxe or quit and reload the game. Any ores you can't harvest won't allow you to swing your pickaxe at them at all. My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Replied to Elderion in Bug Reports hussainalmhssin 2 years ago When you start sliding (Like on ice), Crouch and stand up then you will be fine

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Kinda reminds me of My Little Blacksmith. Sorry if I came across really negative, I was just a little frustrated and confused when I left that first comment. I was just confused about exactly how to play it, and where certain items were. Keep up the good work, I can see this being a successful idea for a game on this site In 0.0.81 I was able (and saw from someone else) that "Shift-click" gave you the Quality mini-game on a still Piping hot Tool head. the smitty gods have shown favor on to me in the form of much wrought iron. my new room mate brought me home little piece just the other day, its about 8 length wise and half inch square. they recently re-opened a junk yard not to far from my house after a bad fire they had, ive been meaning to go check it out. may find some treasure bc i want this game to work the best I can make it work. Reply. My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Replied to jakethesnake1710 in Bug Reports. jakethesnake1710 3 years ago. Also cannot use my mallot on anything. Reply My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Replied to Williotam in Bug Reports RomoDycha 3 years ago Hi Williotam , game got broken Save data if u start on day 0 need to do delete save on : C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\ShopSim\Saved\SaveGames and del SaveGame.sav open game and save new game , problem will still work so u can play ( sorry for.

In order to get your cardinal directions down, either look for the signpost near the Blacksmith's Shop, on which white points South and blue points North, or look for the sun, which rises in the East during the morning hours, and sets to shops, resource gathering areas, player homes, etc. My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Created a new topic FILLING MY SHOP WITH 8,250 INGOTS & DISCUSSING CHANGES IN 0.0.7 UPDATE cheru2016 3 years ago G'day fellas : Our My Little Blacksmith Shop Trainer is now available for version 0.1.2 and supports STEAM. Our My Little Blacksmith Shop message board is available to provide feedback on our trainers or cheats

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Nov 2, 2011 - Backyard foundry for the do it yourself smelter, I am getting one as soon as I PCS back to the states Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times No matter how many times i click "new game", my horse never spawns. how do you make a fresh save? i even tried deleting the entire ShopSim file and downloading it again, but it didn't work.

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  1. ing area. As far as I know, this cannot be opened yet, and will likely lead to more dangerous monster-filled dungeons and deeper
  2. My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Posted in Suggestion Box KassyIsSassy 2 years ago you should make the crystals really hard to find and then make it so each time you find one it makes your job easier. like, the fire stone could be infinite fuel for the smelter, or you could put it on the place where you heat up your ingots and it will.
  3. Download Black & White 2 Patch v1.1 (106.5 MB) by Lionhead Studios. For Free. My Little Blacksmith Shop 0.0.72. Own and operate a blacksmith shop with realistic tools and customers.
  4. ing with

Mar 30, 2017 - Wrought iron work, metalworking & blacksmith - Previous Project Propane Tank Aluminium Smelter (No Weld).: For a long time I had been watching YouTube clips and reading about people making their own aluminum smelters and figured one day I would go ahead and make my own. Time passed and there was always another project or reason why I never got aro.. Save little giant power hammer to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D -1 -1 U J -1 0 F J -1 -1 Little Giant Power Hammer Blacksmith Tool Forging Tee Shirt 2X My Little Blacksmith Shop. 592 likes. Use your hammer to create weapons for customers in your little shop

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  1. My Little Blacksmith Shop places you in charge of leading a blacksmith shop and creating the next Master Sword. To craft a weapon, you must place the right amount of materials into the oven, and then attach it to the appropriate handle. When you are not working for the world's most impatient customers, the game encourages you to explore the.
  2. Metal is a great material to work with. It's rigid, tough, malleable and conductive, but sometimes the part we need doesn't exist in any store. In order to create custom pieces, you need to either melt the metal and cast it in a mold, or heat it until it's soft enough to shape with your hammer. Properly melting metals can be a bit dangerous in our home shop, but we can make a coffee can forge.
  3. e the stats on each part, such as weapon damage. A physical shop where you can purchase parts and resources for cheap. The smelter will be accessible in the Shop mode along with
  4. Welsome to my little shop.... My Name is Steve Corn, most folks call me Stevo... I am an artist and former Blacksmith. I have a Bachelors Degree in Art with an emphasis in Metal sculpture click on the photos to see the larger view THIS IS JUST A GALLERY OF MY OLD WORK! NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE!!!
  5. This reduces the overall light, but you get a Mining crate, which provides light, anywhere you stick the crate near.
  6. Fixed - Widened the trigger box for coal and wood detection in smelter; Fixed - Quick fix to sleep that caused the character to be sleepy every time the game is reloaded. My Little BlackSmith Shop Win32 Alpha 0.0.9c 216 MB. Jan 16, 2018. My Little Blacksmith Shop Win 64 Alpha 0.1.0 378 MB. Version 18 Jan 16, 2018. Get My Little Blacksmith Shop
  7. e's been to have a forge small enough and well-mannered to keep in my suburban garden, so that means no bitu

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Now that you've got a load of ores, you'll need to fuel the smelter. Unlike the forge, you power the smelter with wood and coal, so unless you happened to get lucky with coal ores spawning in your mine, you'll need an axe now. Make a one-handed axe with two ingots, the axe head type, and a 1h grip. I do not know if the material used matters at all, the most it's likely to affect is how much "damage" trees and logs will take before splitting for you. Equip it using the E key and it will go to your 2 key equipment slot.When you create a new game, you wake up next to your bed on the morning of Day 1. Stepping out of your room, you see the store counter, the Workbench, complete with one of each kind of common grip and a few assorted guards; you also see the order list and the coin chest. Out back of the shop is your forge, anvil, and the place order window. You have a shelf with some starting materials: 8 copper ingots. Around one side is the smelter and a rack for storing wood. You are graciously given a log for firewood, and a nice chunk of coal to power the smelter. Additionally, click is /not/ the fire button whilst in the quality mini-game - It's right click- Shift Click (left) to open it, Right to "fire"/close it - miss is 1, red is 10, and green is 30 (or was, in 0.0.81)Quitting however, doesn't reset "ailments" - If you were fatigued, and couldn't run before quitting, you will be unable to run after reloading, even though you're now "no longer tired." My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Posted in Suggestion Box BOBTHEKILLER 3 years ago hi I just started to play my little blacksmith shop and I have had a problem with the weapons glitch into the table when I put them together, and I have tried to reload the games

Blacksmith is the definitive Blacksmithing experience. Make and sell Weapons, Armour and Tools. Send Heroes on Quests and unlock their unique potential. Grow the town of Ironwell and be a part of the community. Master the elements and bend them to your will! Find your true calling as the Blacksmith Okay, I just loaded the game and now my horse and carriage is completely gone (there is no logic whatsoever to say "hey, if there wasn't a horse in the save, spawn the default new game one" because that would be too advanced), crates have sealable tops, but the contents of the shopping crate get stuck so now instead of being able to pick items up out of the crate, grabbing the item drags the whole crate and other items with it, slingshotting me into the air.Character model desync results in character sheet desync. Which /can/ be permanently written to save http://mlbs.slipcor.net/ has a Player Model fixer, which should fix sheet desync as well

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Add to collectiongameCommunityDevlogMy Little Blacksmith Shop communityMining 1.0 (A Blacksmith's Guide to Never Sleeping) A topic by JTE created Jul 07, 2017 Views: 15,665 Replies: 14Viewing posts 1 to 8JTE2 years ago (24 edits) (+2)Starting in Alpha 0.0.8, you now have access to exceedingly profitable mining activities! This guide will tell you everything I know and how to get started. :3 You can do this at any time while your shop is closed, so when you get the "You feel tired" message telling you the customers are gone for the night, you can go do this while you wait for morning instead of sleeping, if you like. My Little Blacksmith Shop is a small project that allows you to play the role of a man who is trying to start his own blacksmith shop and satisfy his first customers. The game is far from complex at this point, given the fact that it's not even finished, but it shows quite a bit of promise if you enjoy sandbox games with first-person. Jacksmith, a free online Strategy game brought to you by Armor Games. Man the forge and craft your best weapons for your warriors in Jacksmith! You're a donkey on a mission that takes you across the land, but the trails are blocked by a variety of monsters — time to call in the local warrior clans for help! You'll design swords, bows, shields, and other weapons in a completely hands-on. Kongregate free online game Idle Blacksmith - You will mine your own ores. You will smelt your ores into metal bars. You will forge equipmen.... Play Idle Blacksmith FEAR NOT MY DEAR FRIENDS, because this little file adds a lot of missing blacksmith equipment to the towns of Skyrim, making a blacksmiths life even more comfortable. Content: + a smelter in Solitude. It's right in front of the forge, directly under the chimney. + a smelter in Falkreath. Search near behind the blacksmiths house. + a smelter in.

My Little Blacksmith Shop Our My Little Blacksmith Shop +1 trainer is now available for version 0.1.2 and supports STEAM. These My Little Blacksmith Shop cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game Maughlin the Armourer is an NPC in Dark Souls 2. Maughlin the Armourer Information. Sells new armor sets after spending souls (1,000 and 16,000). After that, his stock increases with an additional armor set - purchasing any item at this point, advances his quest of getting rich PROJECT GRIM (HEAVY WIP) (WORKING TITLE) by stinky_bandaid @stinky_bandaid. Follow. Overview; Followers 0 PROJECT GRIM IS NOT READY TO PLAY BUT I WILL POST DEVLOGS UNTIL EVERYTHING IS READY TO PUBLISH. My Little Blacksmith Shop by Dasius 2,318 followers. Bernband by Tom 1,421 followers. I See You by CatOverlord 1,220 followers. The Desolate.

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  1. My Little Blacksmith Shop. 592 likes · 3 talking about this. Use your hammer to create weapons for customers in your little shop
  2. My Little Blacksmith Shop Free Download setup in simple direct link for windows PC. My little blacksmith shop is a simple game inspired by other shop and blacksmith, it's really fun. Description: Hailing in the same lineage of thought Depth as Viscera Clean-up, My Little Blacksmith Shop goes through the life span of the tool-jones who.
  3. Don't hold an item - then hit esc - then try and hold the item again when you return - applies for any item, anywhere, anytime.
  4. The game /does/ spawn one on a fresh save, so that your save file knows they exist and will track their location.-------

It does not matter if you mix different ore types when smelting them, the ingots will all come out just fine. Set the ingots on the ground as they spawn so there's room for the next one to come out, they'll cool on their own just from sitting out, so don't bother giving them an oil bath or anything. Now you've basically got a complete shipment of free ingots, which you can load onto the shelves next to your forge and use them take the next few orders you get from customers. Since you didn't pay anything for these ingots, their entire cost is added to your profits, which will send your gold supply soaring, making it easier and easier to get to the next tier of pickaxe, to harvest more ores, to sell to more customers. The Blacksmith's Shop is a location in My Little Blacksmith Shop.. Your New Home Edit. The workbench. When you create a new game, you wake up next to your bed on the morning of Day 1.Stepping out of your room, you see the store counter, the Workbench, complete with one of each kind of common grip and a few assorted guards; you also see the order list and the coin chest My little blacksmith shop is a simple game inspired by other shop and blacksmith, it's really fun. My Little Blacksmith Shop Free Download Genre(s): Simulation, Indie Release Date: January, 2017 Description: Hailing in the same lineage of thought Depth as Viscera Clean-up, My Little. Dasius on Update 0.0.8 : My Little Town. @tim13354644 Its a new download, unfortunately. There should be a download called My little blacksmith shop alpha0.0.8 on the game page. It says you need a minimum of $1 to purchase but anyone who has made prior purchase can skip tit and download


To wield it, you'll need to press E to add it to your equipment, then you can switch to it with the number 3. Whenever you can afford a new type of ingot, make yourself a new pickaxe with it. You can only mine ores that are of the same variety as your pickaxe or below. Lolindir_Fox 73 days ago I love how this is still being updated, I am stuck on day 2 with Sukio, keep getting stuck in an end event loop no matter what route I take seems like the only way out is to abandon her there and I don't want to do that, perhaps I'll do a different path away from sukio day 2 although shes my favorite

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Thanks for the tip, I've incorporated it into the guide. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any crates around the workshop anymore, but the one from the NPC shop is free to take and respawns with the shop, so you can have as many as you like. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Christmas Village Lighthouse Holiday Time Lights Up 9 Tall 6 FT Cord at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Internationally acclaimed Virginia blacksmith/iron smelter Lee Sauder places clay around a wooden core, as he helps to build a bloom iron furnace as internationally acclaimed Virginia blacksmith. If you want to mine anything at all, first you're gonna need a pickaxe. If you're new to My Little Blacksmith Shop, a copper pickaxe head has already been provided to you on the crafting table, otherwise start by buying 3 ingots of the highest tier you can afford, as well as any 2 handed grip. Heat the ingots and place them on the anvil, then select Axe Head and hammer away. First you will get a double sided battle axe head, which immediately tries to fall off the anvil into the oil. Quickly catch it and set it back on the anvil and hammer it one more time to turn it into a hefty pickaxe head. Then take it to the crafting table and combine it with your 2h grip. Finished! This pickaxe will be your new best friend from now on.

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Take the role as a Blacksmith in a fantasy world. Mine and gather raw resources. Smelt or purchase ingots. Forge your metal into weapons. Combine all the pieces together and sell them to your customers for profit. I've found I can minimize spillage of the open boxes with items inside by crouching first, then grabbing the crate. It's pretty consistent. The pump leather may need to be replaced to get it working. All parts move freely as they should. I have not tried to light the burner. It may or may not require some work to get it operating. There are many videos on the internet that show how to light and operate the burner. See photos for condition. Check out my other listings

r/Blacksmith: A subreddit dedicated to the ancient art of blacksmithing. Show off your latest creations or get advice on a problem. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts My tiny little shop. Just trying to work with what I got. 176. 17 comments. share. save. 335. Posted by 22 hours ago No wait, I started a new game and now I have a horse and carriage, and the carriage has a lamp, but the lamp is in the sky above it for some reason. Still looking for one I can actually hold and take with me personally. Edit: Nevermind. I found one and immediately lost it to the invisible map transition somewhere, so now it's permanently stuck inside a plain boulder, which I was using as a shelf because leaving the lamp on the floor is terrible for lighting, at the bottom of the steps near the cave entrance. Edit2: Tried again, successfully hauled and smelted a big load of copper ore, this is great. A lot of items seem to be getting stuck un-liftable until you left click them or bump them with something else, I guess? I don't know. The P menu for levelling up and setting your blacksmith's name just aims the camera straight down at the floor, rendering the menu completely unusuable. My Oculus install keeps popping up, so I assume the dev is only testing in VR or something? I would say the game is practically unplayable at the moment, but I suppose that levelling up and being able to see while mining (juggling the physics lamp with your one mouse hand and trying not to let it get stuck while you haul things) are technically optional...

If you really want to absolutely maximize your profits while minimizing your expenditures, a new NPC shop was added to town in this update. Heading out from your shop's main entrance, up the path and off to the right a little, is a mostly unlabelled building with a door you can open. Step inside and you'll find every kind of grip for sale, including new Common tier ones, which are incredibly inexpensive. (A common one-handed grip is only worth 1 gold!) I believe in the future you may be able to craft wooden grips yourself with woodworking, but for now you can buy them here and take them back to your shop to use. To buy anything, simply exit the shop with it. The shop will despawn the moment you step out of the doorway, taking whatever money you owe it, and then when you step back inside the entire shop's contents will return ready to be bought again.View all by DasiusDasiusFollow DasiusFollowFollowing DasiusFollowingAdd To CollectionCollectionCommunityDevlogRelated gamesRelatedMy Little Blacksmith Shop0.0.9 ReleasedMy Little Blacksmith Shop » Devlog2 years ago by Dasius (@NobleGStudio)Share this post: Hey Blacksmiths, 

(785) 212-6108 · 124 S Main Lindsborg, KS 6745 This is a subreddit for all of those with YouTube channels and those who make YouTube videos. It is alright for you to promo your videos and channels here to gain more subscribers and views. I want to let you all know this is not a circle jerk. There will be none of If you watch my videos I will watch yours if your shop basket pricing gets "off" that too can result in "stolen" and the pricing is easy to be "off" and we likely never noticed it before because there was no "stolen" or other reasons we  would notice it - But items leaving the basket results in infinite game breaking - as they don't calculate correctly.

Mining - A) darkness intensity is controlled in part by graphics, and can be lessened with lower graphics. Keep this in mind The path to Steam has begun. My Little Blacksmith Shop store page is now visible. Add it to your wish list and join the discussion page in preparation for the..

Jan 15, 2017 - home made vise stand - Page 2 - Vises - I Forge Iron Forging Tools Forging Metal Welding Tools Antique Tools Old Tools Blacksmith Forge Blacksmith Projects Metal Working Tools.since all the members here are very friendly so I had the courage to share my projects too..hope you like it.. this my little shop that I built 2. My Little Blacksmith Shop. 588 likes · 1 talking about this. Use your hammer to create weapons for customers in your little shop Horse desync can (maybe) be fixed from the fixer underneath the Player model one, in case the horse/cart are currently jumping over the moon.Items stuck by aforementioning bug/glitch - can be destuck by using a crate's lid, Enclose item with crate, lid, unlid - item is free. - Harder to do if you can't get a crate around it.

In My Little Blacksmith Shop, a weapon crafting simulation game, the player is tasked with building a variety of medieval weapons out of core components. In its current state of Alpha Version 0.1.0, it doesn't give clear instruction on the weapons and how to build them A) The Shopping basket, The Basket is its own item, and the crate you get outside, is a different item - When you lid it inside, you're lidding the basket, something you can never unlid when you get outside... because it swaps itself with a regular crate. - This is why if you take the crate back inside, it will never show a new pricing on the side - its /not/ a shopping basket, anymore. - If you don't lid the basket, you won't glue the items inside when you get home.

My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Replied to EravinTerasil in Bug Reports NumberBox 3 years ago To fix the customer thing just give them what they want and then change the shop to closed for a few seconds, then change it back to open You cannot run out of wood. If you somehow stay in-game long enough to fell all of the trees and burn all of the firewood (such dedication!), you can simply save and reload the game and your 3 initial logs and trees will all return.Then you can just tell your horse to follow you again, and assuming you can still make out the way home, just walk it back with you. I personally find it by following the largest gaps between the trees. Make sure you go slowly and keep an eye on your horse, so you'll see if any ores fall out of the wagon along the way. Guide your horse along the side of your fence to park it sideways, if you like. (Careful not to let the horse rub directly up against the fence or your wagon will turn over!) You can take the horse inside your yard, but there's not a lot of room in there to turn it around later.Note:  Donations made on Itch.io after December 31st, 2017 will not guarantee you a Steam key. 

My Little Blacksmith Shop takes place in a small town. As with any town, there are locations the player might like to visit. Some of these include the Mines, Geoffrey's Parts Shop, or the Blacksmith's Shop. My Little Blacksmith Shop. 592 Me gusta. Use your hammer to create weapons for customers in your little shop I decided to keep the version names the same as the Patrons build. Hopefully this will avoid any confusions.

Blacksmith Lab Play Blacksmith Lab Unblocked Games Blacksmith Lab Hacked Once upon a time ther e was only one button, but now some stuff can be made. Try More Unblocked Games at Unblockedgames33 you got to take posts with a grain of salt and measure their posted date/time ago btw - especially in alphas and betas.- EA and such. often times their content changes and the post is only relevant for the version/date they're related to. 0.0.9 only came out like.. maybe a week ago. So in general, you want to pay the least attention to things older than a week at this point - They can still have relevant info - but chances are they aren't going to explain or answer your burning questions for this buildThese areas encompass places which have no real impact on gameplay, and are either in development or are merely interesting sights to see. This video is part one in a series showing the building of my coal forge. Focused started awesome metal projects important link Optimistic affected welding projects ideas Book your tickets Metal working ideas - Many stores have free pamphlets of craft projects. Look for them once you walk across the store Great job. Lots of bugs fixed and lots of new ones introduced, but if you keep taking two steps forward and one step back you're bound to get there eventually! =ω=

My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Replied to Dasius in Bug Reports Chugo 2 years ago We can chat anytime if you want, no problem with that, i will do my best to use a correct french You could use this to set up crystals and the lantern in a way that act as a guiding path of light in the cave, Above you, so its both out of the way, and higher better lighting.  - I of course, don't recommend this, I use the Light crystal in my crate. my very first flash game FNAK! bear with me though ive just started development on the game! on xx-xx-15 i'll release the beta tests to my fav gamejolt gamers and then i'll release the game to the public! EDIT:game canceled:(im working on new things other than this:Kenny's life:jailbreak,Kenny water son ace detective and Stick Figures The Movi Now you are ready to go harvesting rock. In the yard behind your shop, you should notice a new horse and carriage. This will be your main ore transport. If you want, you can optionally load an open-topped crate or two onto your wagon before we get going, which can help you transport ores out of the mine easier by letting you carry more than one at a time. If you don't have any crates, see the Shopping trip section below for where to find them -- They're free shopping baskets. My Little Blacksmith Shop. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews 16 in Group Chat | View Stats. Mine, gather, combine and sell your wares to customers. Play at your pace. $9.99. Visit the Store Page. Early Access Game. Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops..

ShopSim located in c users username appdata local I believe is the location, it contains save informations, The save file isn't located in the folder one would specifically presume though, If I recall correctly. To be safe, I'd just delete the whole shopsim outta the local folder to ensure fresh beginnings. My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Replied to rizenpipboy in Bug Reports. Ragginn2 1 year ago. the smelter only uses one tin bar against what ever i have of copper f.x. i just smelted 20 bronze and used 20 copper but only one tin. Reply. My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Replied to JohnLai in Bug Reports - My Little Blacksmith Shop Gameplay GrayStillPlays I Built an Unethical Zoo Where Nobody Is Safe - Planet Zoo - Duration: 21:04. Let's Game It Out Recommended for yo My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Posted in Suggestion Box Arcorior 2 years ago A simple .txt file in the game files that simply states what version of the game you have, so it's easier to tell if you're outdated or not My Little Blacksmith Shop community. HELP PLEASE. A topic by redneck120 created Jul 23, 2017 Views: 1,047 Replies: 11. and not 1o230585 100% trees beside my smelter... which, on its own, Is essentially the problem/goal. so this could be 3 Versions of save game fixer all on their own

My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Posted in can i not download. Jahmezz_11 39 days ago. nvm. Reply. My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Created a new topic can i not download. Jahmezz_11 40 days ago. I keep tryng to download this game on itch. I am aware that it is on steam. But it wont work. so is the game not available on itch anymore Doe Run Peru has run a multi-metal smelter in La Oroya for more than a decade. It has been named one of the 10 most polluted places on earth by US think-tank, the Blacksmith Institute. The smelter has long been a focus for dispute between the government, the company, the population and the workers about its social and environmental impact

madman123 1 year ago. i started the game and its just pitch black and has been like that for 5 mins. Don't Bite Me Bro! community · Created a new topic map button does not work. My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Posted in CRYSTALS; Water, Fear and Fire crystals found I'm going to put the rack high up on my 12' wall because floor and wall space is so precious in my shop. (I plan on doing that tomorrow.) I'll get the belts down with a shepherd's crook. Finished up profiling 7 blades for my little wood carving knives

Fantasy Blacksmith Free Download: You are a sword, magic and war blacksmith in the world where every blacksmith who knows how to make even the simplest swords is in demand. You start as a poor unqualified blacksmith, but in time you gain experience and develop to attain riches, fame and power, and change this world [See my comparison of Red Wing vs. Thursday boots!]. Red Wing Iron Ranger Overview. Bulbous cap toe; Nickel eyelets Goodyear welt; Thick, oil tanned leather; The word classic is overused when talking about men's leather boots, but damn if that isn't the first word that comes to mind when looking at a pair of smooth, understated, undeniably masculine boots like Iron Rangers

Little Shop of Junk - Update #1. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. benjohn21 6 days ago. im addicted to this game, so heres my thoughts: after reaching round 11. i hope we get new updates soon. 1.well we earn money/gold everytime, if you ewrn gold we expect that we can buy something from it not just a score or somethng. a few upgrades. Hello Dasius, i think 'My little blacksmith shop is a wonderfull game, i just cant stop playing it. but i have 1 complain, it isnt really a big deal but sometimes it bothers me, well the thing is: can you please make the backdoor bigger or the deliveries window, i like to make large orders for materials and its a pain to take the boxes inside D) Alternatively, you can /actively trigger/ that "item stuck" you're talking about (hold item, hit esc, release item, return to game, hold item again - item is now adhered to location you grabbed second at) (If you skip hold again, you can "toggle" holding it, so you don't have to keep the mouse button pressed - any other button than grab, releases it.Please be aware this is still a unstable build so please leave us your issues so that we can fix them. 

Work Stations. Anvil Bucket Forge Furnace Smelter Workbench Fixed - Smelter will properly queue each ore. Changed - Mining ore resets every 23 hours. My Little Blacksmith Shop Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Sit Disclaimer: Noble Games Studio or any of its members will never ask you for your personal information including your password. If anyone claiming to be working for Noble or impersonating any of its members asks for personal information, report the issue to dasius@noblegamesstudio.com or itch.io .You'll also find a floating crystal of fear in the mining area. Since it doesn't obey gravity, you'll have to carry that one home with you by hand if you want to keep it. As far as I know, it still serves no purpose and cannot yet be used to infuse anything with magic or similar, so for now it's simply a pretty glowing thing you can hold to experience some interesting render effects. It will reset its position back to where you found it when you reload the game, however.Your shop came ready with 3 initial logs to start with, which should be plenty for your first week of mining trips. When you run out, it's time to fell more trees. (You may consider taking your horse for this!) Find a tree that's nice and brown, and begin chopping away at the base of the trunk. If it's harvestable, you should see a "100%" or similar indicator pop up as you hit it. Keep going until you hear a loud sound effect of the tree falling. Then, continue chopping away at the fallen tree until it runs out of health, which will split it into logs, ready for you to take home and use as firewood. (In the future, you'll likely be able to craft these logs into wooden shields and grips.)

My Little Blacksmith Shop community · Replied to bobmanguy334 in I CANT START THIS. Jackatron5000 2 years ago do you mean just documenst or my documesnts . trying just documents doesnt wor April (Late) Dev blog. April 30, 2017 The smelter will be implemented along with Alloys, mining woodcutting and a grinder which ties in to weapon stats. Also, there will be an introduction to taxes... to make your life more exciting:) ©2019 My Little Blacksmith Shop. Developed By Noble Games Studio My smithy is under the roof but 3 sides open outdoors, inside is a line shaft powered machine shop, powered by a Crossley horizontal single cilinder. It's a continuous evolving process. I find some addition, big or small, nearly every week, as with most collectors I love the hunt. This week I got a #1400 fly press, no pictures yet

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