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LED light therapy naturally stimulates your body’s own production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is a key element in cellular regeneration. Only final testing would confirm if the new LED lights would make a beautiful platinum print and if my printing time was reduced. Hang in there and I will share my results with you. I was able to find a very interesting LED replacement (Barrina UV LED Blacklight Bar, 9W 2ft, T5 Integrated Bulb, Black Light Fixture) on Amazon. They come with a. Quoizel Platinum Online Showroom. Shop and Save on the Platinum Collection by Quoizel at LightingDirect.com. Buy Quoizel Platinum Lighting and get Free Shipping on Orders over $49

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In this Platinum LED Therapy BioMax review I test power, EMF, flicker and wavelengths to see if this is the best red light panel. Plus use discount code ALEX to save why platinum led? Our specialty line of LED specification-grade, high-output innovative LED luminaires has given architects and engineers, nationwide, the reason to rewrite their specifications. Utilizing not only the most current LED technology and drivers, coupled with premium optics and thermal management techniques, we have raised the bar. PlatinumLED BIOMAX series lights produce the highest amount of irradiance of any other LED therapy light ever created - our most powerful ever. DIGITAL INTERNALS The internal construction of the lights have been improved and steamlined for complete EMF elimination as well as featuring an all new integrated digital control and timer system If you wish to calculate your exact dosage in terms of joules or mW/cm2, the outputs for each series of light are found on their respective sales page along with the footprints of each light at various distances. For plant lovers everywhere includeing Marijuana growers, the Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w LED Grow Light from US-based manufacturer is a perfect accessory. As one of the best LED Grow light it opens the opportunity to enable your indoor garden to thrive. This grow light has some of the best features in the market and is suitable for your every need

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Beyond LED Technology's Platinum Series Area light is the newest, advanced and most feature rich product of its kind. Our Platinum light offers tool-less serviceability and high lumens per watt for maximum power savings and rebates from power companies I ruptured an Achilles Tendon several years ago and it has been really tight ever since but has felt better since starting the Red Light Therapy.Devices with a combination of red and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths deliver benefits of both, offering the most versatile range of use. History. Founded 40 years, Platinum has seen, and been a driving force in product innovation in the lighting industry. Especially with regard to LED light bulbs, Platinum has helped expand the applications and capabilities of LED bulbs, being among the first manufacturers to offer color changing LED bulbs for home, commercial, and display purposes

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  1. Hair growth: Studies have shown the 810nm wavelength can encourage significant hair growth in patients with androgenetic alopecia.
  2. Platinum LED & Cameras, PCs, Audio, Video, Accessories. Shop Now Platinum Led
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  4. The Platinum LED grow lights offers a variety of LEDs that combine to deliver a full spectrum of light. This fact goes for all options within the Advanced Platinum LED series. Using a light spectrum and comparing the Advanced Platinum LED lights with others, the Advanced Platinum LEDs delivers all the colors that indoor plants benefit from most

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Sylvania Stay-Lit Platinum 100 LED Mini Lights at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

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With an ability to extend through the skull into the brain, the 810nm wavelength offers a unique array of neurological benefits. Many forward-thinking scientists are of the belief that light therapy for brain disorders will become a prominent medical treatment in the near future. Expect to reap the following benefits from the 810nm wavelength: Shop Platinum™ 308 LED Rechargeable LED Video Light Black at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Price Match Guarantee I think it's a bit early to talk about results but I will comment on quality of lamps. They appear to be industrial grade, heavy, nice cords and switches. I read the manual (yes it comes with one) but it was pretty intuitive. The table Top stands are strong and a good way to start but if I see good results, I will probably get a couple more of the 600's and do full body in one shot while hanging them. So far I do see an improvement in complexion and reduction in brown spots. I use it around 2 times per day to hit front and back of mid chest and head. I also am trying it out on my knees, too early to evaluate results but my impression of build quality and power output is favorable, I see nothing wrong with them.

The light is easy to use and is good quality. We did quite a bit of research comparing this light with other manufacturers and I think we made the right choice! Would buy from PlatinumLED again. Note: My daughter is using this light to help maintain thyroid health due to Hashimotos. I use it for general health and (hopefully) topical anti-aging benefits!New hair coming in on my head and my beard. A lot of new dark hairs are popping up after being gray since mid 30s and i now 59. Platinum LED. PlatinumLED produces the most powerful LED grow lights. Period. Our LED grow lights produce the highest amount of PAR per watts consumed coupled with the most efficient spectral output of any other LED grow light.. even more than those that may cost 2x more. With PlatinumLED, you're assured the maximum growing power for the. I had my Platinum LED Biomax 600 sent to Australia. It got here no problems, had an Australian plug and works a treat! This biggest stand out for me was PlatinumLED's fantastic customer service! They answered all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. Very happy customer

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  1. PIAA 2617311 Platinum H11 Led BulbsPIAA 2617311Platinum H11 Led Bulbs. Public Forums. Need to make a change?. Disclosure of Information Policy. Your credit card information is encrypted while traveling the Internet
  2. Platinum LED lights are made in Kailua, Hawaii, and don't come cheap. While they are high-quality grow lights, only growers who have a tidy sum to invest can afford them. If you've been contemplating whether to get a Mars Hydrogrow light or a Platinum LED grow light,contemplate no more
  3. The treatment of acne: The 630nm wavelength has also been shown to help reduce inflammation and breakouts.
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Reduced neuropathic pain: A study investigating sciatic nerve pain in rats found that the 660 nm wavelength significantly helped to reduce pain. We'll be using a Platinum LED P300 Platinum has Veg and Bloom switches, so we'll be using the Veg cycle from seed to flip, and we'll be using full spectrum from our P300 after the flip. Platinum lists a 93w draw in Veg, which gives us 23.25 watts per square foot. Platinum lists a 185w draw in Bloom (full spectrum), which gives us 46.25 watts. The Platinum LED P600 is being advertised as an 800 watt equivalent not a 600w replacement but LED manufacturers often exaggerate the performance of their grow lights so I wanted to go a bit bigger. Also the 36″ length and the shape is a better fit for my grow room and matches the 3 x 3 coverage area for a 600 watt HPS bulb

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The Platinum Spot LED PRO II™ features an extremely bright 170W Cool White LED engine, 15° to 33° motorized zoom, 7 dichroic colors plus white, 7 rotating, interchangeable, glass and 7 static metal gobos, frost filter hybrid wash effect, 3-facet rotating prism with 16 prism macros, motorized iris, focus, and dimming, high speed mechanical shutter and strobe, hibernation mode, 3 and 5pin. I really like my Platinum LED light! I decided to buy the Biomax 900 because it was a full body light and I didn't want to have to take a lot of time in front of the light. I am very happy with the light!Orthodontics and tooth alignment: The use of the 850nm wavelength can foster the speedy realignment of teeth for patients undergoing orthodontics. LED blinks. (LED OFF when paired or failed after 10 seconds) LED blinks for 10 seconds DPI indicated STATUS 3 LED 2 LED 1 LED DESCRIPTION (status will show for five seconds at power on, or blink status for five seconds after waking from sleep mode) 80~100% of maximum battery 50~70% of maximum battery 20~40% of maximum battery Battery status LED. Details about PIAA 26-17307 H7 Platinum LED Replacement Bulb. PIAA 26-17307 Fast Free Shipping Multiple US Locations. Be the first to write a review. PIAA 26-17307 H7 Platinum LED Replacement Bulb. Item Information. Condition: New. Compatibility: See compatible vehicles. Quantity

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  1. ance in a micro footprint package for precise beam angle control
  2. Why we love the Advanced Platinum Series P1200 LED Grow Light Until recently LED grow lights just couldn't match the power of a 1000-Watt HPS grow system. Growers were tied to these high heat generating electricity sucking systems until the Platinum Series was released
  3. Platinum P600 LED grow light offers 1140 PAR per watt of electricity from the height of 24″ from the canopy. While from the height of 18″ it offers 1535 PAR per watt of electricity. These values are the best results obtained by an LED grow light if we compare it to any other grow light
  4. Here's what I'd like in an improved Platinum app: the ability to choose your particular light (model, red/NiR/mix) with accurate and honest wattage numbers at 6, 8, 12, 16, 24 for each possibility (red only, NiR and mixed)

This is a list of the best-selling albums in the United States based on RIAA certification and Nielsen SoundScan sales tracking. The criteria are that the album must have been published (including self-publishing by the artist), and the album must have achieved at least a diamond certification from the RIAA. The albums released prior to March 1991 should be included with their certified units. Improved aesthetic outcomes following plastic surgery: Swift exposure to 830nm wavelengths after aesthetic surgery hastens recovery, reduces downtime and enhances the results of surgery by reducing swelling, infection, bruising and pain, therefore leading to greater patient satisfaction.I spoke via email at length to their sales team who were helpful in making a product choice, and delivery was quick. (Even with covid19 situation) It can easily replace a 1000w HPS light, and thus, save you tons of money in electricity. Therefore, if you are looking for a powerful grow light with an excellent light spectrum and a great coverage, then the Advanced Platinum Series P900 is for you!. Now let's review it in a more detailed fashion, so you can understand everything about this product and why it is so good for your plants The new Platinum Profile™ is a profile / framing shutter LED spot luminaire featuring a 180W LED engine, 6,500K, 9,000 total lumens, 18° beam angle, 7 dichroic colors including UV, and white, 7.

Remember, the wattage draw of other LED grow lights does not equal their PAR output! Cheaper, more inefficient lights can consume up to 3x the power while emitting LESS PAR than our ultra-efficient, top quality LED grow lights. Wattage draw without the PAR equals sub-par performance, costing you time and money with decreased yields. Any money you may have saved on purchase price, you’ve now lost many times over.  There simply are no savings in purchasing cheap, inferior LED grow lights. Advanced Platinum LED Grow Lights For Sale. Shop these popular Advanced Platinum LED grow lights, and quickly compare to other popular LED grow light products including Morsen LED grow lights, Sandalwood LED grow lights/a>, Taotronics LED grow lights and commercial LED grow lights.We also created a great source to shop the best 4X4 grow tents, the best 2X4 grow tents and a section to shop only. - Platinum LED Therapy BioMax 600 - Joovv Solo - Red Light Rising Full Stack. Over 6 key areas: Round 1 - Price & Shipping. Round 2 - EMF Levels (Magnetic & Electric) Round 3 - Power Output (Irradiance) Round 4 - Flicker & Sound. Round 5 - LED's & Wavelength. Round 6 - Warranty & Everything Else. I'm releasing all the videos on youtube this.

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The Platinum Spot LED II™ features a 135W Cool White LED engine, 17° beam, 8 dichroic colors plus white, 7 rotating, interchangeable, glass and 7 static metal gobos, frost filter hybrid wash effect, 3-facet rotating prism with 16 prism macros, motorized iris, focus, and dimming, high speed mechanical shutter and strobe, hibernation mode, 3 and 5pin DMX in/out connections, RDM (Remote Device. The Sedo™ 18.25-in LED outdoor wall light features a sleek contemporary look with its clear polycarbonate diffuser and Platinum finish. The Sedo wall light works in several aesthetic environments, including home or office. Warranty is one (1) year from the date of purchase Hair regrowth: Red light therapy containing the 630nm wavelength has been proven to be a safe and effective method of stimulating hair growth in both men and women.Red Light wavelengths (630-700 nm) are an ideal length to penetrate skin cells and sebaceous glands, offering benefits for skin texture and tone, smoothing fine wrinkles, promoting collagen production and generally rejuvenating the appearance of skin.

Got in my two Platinum p-600 lights and upon first impression HOLY SHIT These things are freaking awesome . Heavy at around 35lbs apiece but very , very well made . I think the video speaks for. These money-saving LED powered fixtures are 75% less electricity, and there are no bulbs to replace. Protective satin platinum finish; suitable for damp locations; Sturdy steel construction; built to last; Meets UL requirements and is Energy Star for safety and efficiency; Uses 20-Watt dimmable integrated for LED; no bulbs to replace eve • Stimulates collagen production • Strengthens hair and improves skin elasticity • Promotes connective tissue healthThe product is a beautiful piece and I’ve just recently started using it. I’ve notice a change in my depression first, my sleep is more sound and my skin looks pretty, healthy and clear. I don’t have those nasty pumps on my face any longer and my wrinkles are less pronounced. My aches and pain have reduced. I suffer from many injuries and lack of energy. My mood is calmer and my body craves for treatment daily. The penetration of light goes deep into my core on a completely different level. Very hard to explain, but the light feels more like a medical grade treatment to just normal heat treatment. The stand is sturdy, very convenient to move and of good quality. My sinus has improved and I have major sinus problems. I usually have a sinus headache Platinum Led. If you're surfing through cheap deals on platinum led UK, uk.dhgate.com is the best place for you. You can also take a look at our extensive range of platinum led to find the perfect one to enrich your life. If you are seeking for affordable platinum led with the best quality, we have great collections of designs for you

The secret of our LED grow lights is in the power and efficiency of our output. By exactly matching the spectral output of our lights to the curve of photosynthetic absorption as close as possible, we’re able to use 100% of power usage towards actual growth.  HID, white LED and COBB based LED grow lights are impossible to tune and therefore emit only a fraction of usable light while the rest is wasted in power consumption and heat. Through the efficiency of our spectral output, our LED grow lights use less than half the electricity and heat of other inferior lights to produce even more incredible growing power. Home / LED Lighting / Platinum Led Platinum Led. Showing all 8 results. Grid view List view. G720 $ 899.00. Welcome to the next generation of PlatinumLED Grow Lights - the most powerful LED grow lights available on the market today! Featuring the highest PAR per watt of any other LED grow light along with the industry leading 14-band spectrum. We received the BIOMAX 900 within two weeks of ordering. It was packed well and arrived undamaged. It came with an instruction booklet, and setting it up over a door was fairly easy. The unit is heavy so lowering and raising it requires some effort. Just need to switch it on and set the timer to start the therapy. The LEDs are bright but soothing with slight warming effect. The fans are fairly quiet. So far we have used it almost everyday from 10 to 20 minutes. It is may be too soon to notice health benefits from red light therapy. We are satisfied with the quality of the product and would highly recommend it. Advanced Platinum LED Grow Lights A relatively new name on the scene, Advanced Platinum is selling professional LED grow lights for less money than many other LED lamps of the same quality. Despite the cheaper price tag, they have a wider light spectrum than most LEDs, which helps plants grow faster with fewer of the leaf problems and.

We use only top bin 3w LEDs from quality US manufacturers such as Bridgelux and CREE to help ensure maximum output, reliability and efficacy.  Our quality 3w diodes will produce a higher output than any other wattage of LED thanks to an improved efficiency curve and will outperform any 5w, 6w, 10w or COBB based lights based on the watts consumed.If, within 90 days of your order date, you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return your purchase to us for a refund. Shop for Lighting, like Cyclops Adventure Sports 4.8 Platinum H7 LED Headlight Bulb at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. We have the best prices on dirt bike, atv and motorcycle parts, apparel and accessories and offer excellent customer service

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t2 platinum hybrid 15r; t3 orion 7r beam; t4x spot led 150; tx4/platinum led 250 zoom; borealis 19x12 rgbw; led screen. indoor; outdoor. tundra platinum p 3.9; led pars & bars. indoor. gamma starburst pro 12x18 6/1; starburst 7x18 6in1; outdoor. kali 12x18w 6-1 rgbwauv; linea wash 24x10w 4in1 - outdoor; element xenon zoom 7x20w / 4-1. Get the health benefits of whole body red light therapy in the comfort of your own home. Highest power on the market, without the high price tag. Independently tested & verified Photosynthetic Active Radiation – “PAR” – is the measurement of intensity emitted by an LED grow light. While wattage draw used to dictate light output in old HID systems, with newer technology LED lights this is not the case! Thanks to our proprietary combination of ultra-efficient drivers and top bin US made diodes, PlatinumLED grow lights have the highest PAR per watt of any other LED grow light available today!Improved healing and recovery: A study of soccer players showed that the 810nm wavelength applied before activity enhanced muscular performance and post-exercise recovery.Just started using our 2 Biomax 900s. Very happy with them so far, really hoping they're a blessing to our health.

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Sandblasted glass with a thready, textured surface creates diffuse, modern light for this nickel LED bathroom light bar from Quoizel. 22 wide x 5 high. Extends 4 3/4 from the wall. Backplate is 6 wide x 5 high. Weighs 5.8 lbs. Built-in 22 watt LED. 1700 lumens, comparable to a 100 watt incandescent. 2700K color temperature. 80 CRI Platinum H4 (9003) LED Bulb Twin Pack Engineered with a brilliant cut-line and anti-glare technology, this bulb upgrade directs the light to where you need it most; On the road. High power Z ES LEDs provide extreme luminance in a micro footprint package for precise beam angle control

Thanks! Hopefully you stick around and see how my first DWC grow goes with these friggin insane LED lights. So far everything seems to be going well. Hopefully my random plant stays alive but my led's are on the veg setting so we'll see how that goes It comes with a superb spectral output (UV and IR light) and powerful platinum LED lights, which are perfect for growing strong, beautiful and healthy vegetables and flowers. Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12-band LED.. Advanced Platinum Series P9-XML2 855w 12-band LED Grow Light + CREE 10w XM-L2 w/ DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM by PlatinumLED Grow Lights 1 new & used offers from min price $800.0 Our lights are used and endorsed by more medical professionals, universities and governmental agencies than any other LED company, including:

The Advanced Platinum Series P600 LED grow light is among the most powerful LED grow light panels available on the market in the 600 watt range. This amazing unit utilizes the complete 12-band light spectrum and provides the most PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) per watt compared to most LED grow lights available today Prior to ordering this product I tried a hand held device that my friend purchased while vacationing . It was very time consuming and awkward as you had to actually apply pressure to your skin as you passed the surface over the area to be covered. I did some research on products and decided to go with the smallest Platinum product. I love the fact that I can just sit in front of it as it covers a much larger area and not worry about uneven or missed application. I notice a difference with my skin in that it has had an effect on the wrinkles and puffiness under my eyes. I’m just getting started and hopeful that the more pronounced wrinkles around my mouth will keep improving. I am 71 years old and not a big proponent of facial creams and serums ....they do very little. I am very pleased so far with the Platinum product and have more visible results in 2 weeks than any other product. At 750 true watts, the Universal Series Platinum XL-U was long the most powerful all-5w LED grow light in the world! The custom housing was designed to better distribute light and dissipate heat, and the Platinum XL-U uses the highest quality, genuine 5w Epistar LEDs to deliver Black Dog LED's proprietary full cycle Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™ PIAA 2617395 Platinum 9005 Led BulbsPIAA 2617395Platinum 9005 Led Bulbs. Public Forums. Need to make a change?. Disclosure of Information Policy. Your credit card information is encrypted while traveling the Internet

This stimulation of ATP along with improved circulation and cellular respiration lends itself to a massive variety of applications with results that are truly life changing!  Near-infrared light (NIR) wavelengths are longer than red light wavelengths, and measure between 700 nm and 1,100 nm. They penetrate deeper into the tissue to deliver energy to the body's cells and can pass through bone to assist with healing deep wounds, muscle aches, nerve injury or joint pain Platinum LED Grow Lights Short Description. LED Lighting is the wave of the future Full Description. LED Grow Lights are the very best that we have found for growing vegetables, flowers and herbs indoors, with higher yields, increased flavor and nutrition. The difference is the PAR or Photosynthetic Active Radiation (the measurement of the. Amazon.com: led platinum. Skip to main content. Try Prime All Go Search EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. Today's Deals Your Amazon.com Gift Cards Help. Really impressed with this little unit (BioMax 350). Delivery was quick and on time. Packaging was some of the best I have seen, it wasn't just thrown in a box and sent out. The table stand that I ordered with it works really well and everything is seriously heavy duty. Not to mention the persistent acne and redness on my face was showing improvement within a week. Would highly recommend Platinum LED.

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4,131 Followers, 740 Following, 181 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from PlatinumLED Grow Lights (@platinumled Red light therapy has a variety of benefits and can be part of an overall wellness routine. Red light treatment can be used to aid in faster healing, immune boosting, anti aging, mood enhancement, muscle recovery and more. Led Zeppelin's untitled fourth album, often called Led Zeppelin IV and released on 8 November 1971, is their most commercially successful album. It received a 23 times multi-platinum certification from RIAA, the third-highest of all albums. The band's fifth album, Houses of the Holy, was released in 1973. Again a transatlantic chart-topper, it. Shop the Nation's Largest Lighting Retailer for Best Selection, Service & Value The secret of Platinum's LED grow lights is in the power and efficiency of the light output. By closely matching the photosynthesis curve, they were able to use nearly 100% of the power usage towards actual growth.. Traditional HID lights and white LEDs emit only 40% of usable light while the rest is wasted in power consumption and heat.. Through the efficiency of Platinum LED's spectrum.

Platinum LED Series P900 stands high with gigantic 1615 umols from the height of 18″. Along these lines, better trust it, Platinum exhibits that they are masters to the degree PAR and intensity of any light from their item offering are concerned. Not just this model, but the other models of Platinum LED are unbeatable in terms of the PAR output As for my joints and any cognitive effects...well, anecdotally my knee pain is a lot better/less bothersome/noticeable when I use my standing desk for long periods, and using this machine first thing in the morning is like a full body caffeine jolt without any crash. 1,401,498 views. Bluetooth MP3 With Class D Amplifier 2X 50W. - Duration: 14 minutes, 56 seconds. 14 Band Spectrum Analyzer PART.2. - Duration: 19 minutes. DIY Mini Bluetooth Speaker LOW COST.

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Reduction of lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation: 850nm can support the production of collagen, assisting with plumper, more radiant-looking skin, and a more uniform texture.All in all, it definitely does something if you're interested in skin care or fat loss and you do your research, making it 100% worth the money.

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With Platinum Led Best Coupon Codes, Enjoy Great Savings . When you are searching for Platinum Led best coupon codes, you are guaranteed to receive the most current and useful promotion deals and discounts. We provide 7 coupon codes, 4 promotion sales and also numerous in-store deals and shopping tips for Platinum Led best coupon codes It is too prompt to start feeling the benefits of the red light plus infrared as I heard from other users. However, my body temperature increased few decimals compared with before and I hope is a good sign!Reduced fine lines and wrinkles: In one study, the 630nm wavelength was combined with other beauty treatments such as microneedling to create a statistically significant improvement in photodamage, fine lines and sagging.

Platinum LED lights have the HIGHEST PAR/LUMEN OUTPUT PER WATT of any LED grow light! 2x-3x the intensity of any other lights! SUPERIOR 12-band full spectrum from the depths of UV to the heights of IR - The most complete and efficient spectral output available. Dimensions-19 W x 36 L x 3 H inche Archer Satin Platinum LED Inverted Pendant Archer LED hanging light fixtures is designed Archer LED hanging light fixtures is designed to look great and save money. These ceiling mounted pendants feature a sleek harmonious blending of modern form, architectural stance and function If you are looking for a users manual for our lights, please download the most recent digital version here:  PlatinumLED Users Manual Download

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I've been using it for ~2 weeks for anti-aging purposes as well as targeted fat loss, cognitive health, and joint inflammation. I've definitely seen results with my skin and the fat loss protocol I've been following (based on Ari Whitten's book which compiles the relevant research on LLLT); enough that it justifies the $600 price tag alone. In just two weeks, my complexion has improved significantly, my undereye hollows have seen a 50-60% improvement, and I've noticed an overall tightening/plumping effect on my skin. I haven't measured my results in the fat loss experiment yet (I'm doing a 4 week protocol) but I can visually SEE the difference in my stubborn fat being reduced. Product Title Sylvania Staylit Platinum LED Mini String Christmas Lights Set 26' 100 Count Warm White, Green Wire Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 ratings Current Price $27.99 $ 27 . 9 Joovv Versus Other LED Light Therapy Devices. This article is a summary of how Joovv compares with other LED light therapy manufacturers in 6 key areas: treatment area, total light output, personalization, wavelengths, safety, and service. We hope this dispels some of the myths around light therapy and arms you with the right questions to ask Patent-pending R+ | NIR+ spectral output provides multi-wavelength Red and NIR output for the most optimal spectrum possible

It also helps with almost instantaneous pain relief in the knee if / when I get it, but I think this could be more the mild warming effect. We include mounting hardware, a door hanging kit and protective eye wear for your convenience. You can also download our free PlatinumLED Therapy Companion app for device setup tips and treatment time suggestions.  As a general rule of thumb, we’ve found that 10-15 or even 20 minutes per day, per session at a distance of around 6"-12” on bare skin with a max of 2-3 treatment areas per day to be a great starting point for basically all applications.  The dosage with the light will depend on your individual tolerance to the light as some individuals react better to more light and some to less.  The best way to approach would be to start with less time and work your way up as your tolerance to the light is found.  1 When returning a non-defective product, the customer is responsible for all costs relating to shipping the products back to PlatinumLED. International shipping charges are non-refundable. Products must be returned in their original packaging. A refund will be issued after the product is received and inspected by PlatinumLED for damage or missing accessories. Refunds are processed back to the payment method used in the original order. A 20% restocking fee will be assessed on any returned purchases.  Any light not returned in its original condition or missing accessories will be refused and returned to the shipper.

Within 5 years of your purchase, if your light is not working properly, we will fix or replace it. Each case will be assessed on a case by case basis, and we will make sure you’re back up and running as quickly as possible. r/microgrowery: Dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis. We love pictures of your plants & harvest, discussing growing methods, and helping with Improved bone healing: The 660nm wavelength encourages resorption and formation in the bone cells around the location where repair is needed, without causing any change to the bone structure.

I have been using Joovv red lights at my doctors office for 18 months (full body 4 minute sessions 4-5x weekly). I had seen some results (increased testosterone for one) from this small amount and decided to look at getting my own. I have had my Platinum lights for about a month now and my wife and I are very happy with them. I really feel that they are better than Joovv and of course more cost effective. Plus I like that Platinum would speak to me on the phone. Joovv will not talk to anyone unless you are a physician or practitioner. They have a high price and a poor attitude towards potential customers so that was an easy decision for me. Platinum H16 LED Bulb Twin PackEngineered with a brilliant cut-line and anti-glare technology, this bulb upgrade directs the light to where you need it most; On the road. High power Z ES LEDs provide extreme luminance in a micro footprint package for precise beam angle control 4 Warranty valid only to original purchaser if item purchased directly from www.platinumgrowlights.com or any Amazon worldwide and is non-transferable. The Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED grow light is an excellent choice for the grower who wants the absolute best light for both the veg and flower cycles and is willing to pay whatever it takes. It comes with every band of light your plant needs and is excellent for the in-home grower

PlatinumLED produces the most powerful LED grow lights. Period. Our LED grow lights produce the highest amount of PAR per watts consumed coupled with the most efficient spectral output of any other LED grow light.. even more than those that may cost 2x more. With PlatinumLED, you’re assured the maximum growing power for the energy that you’re consuming. This not only saves you money, but produces maximum yield and results far above other brands.  Your grow lighting is the most important investment that you'll make and any extra investment in quality, professional lighting will return your investment many times over with each yield See why the Celebrations Platinum LED Light Set is the must-have for your holiday lighting scene. This Ace Hardware exclusive lighting is a durable and energy efficient option for your home Archer LED hanging light fixtures is designed to look great and save money. These ceiling mounted mini pendants feature a sleek harmonious blending of modern form, architectural stance and function. The protective satin platinum finish adds sophistication to the fixture 3 FOR ANY UNITS PURCHASED FROM AMAZON: 5 year warranty valid from original purchase date. Any returns for any reason within the first 30 days must be to Amazon directly. 90 day guarantee valid with standard restocking fee subtracted from base website pricing only. Best of all each Platinum Smoked Tail Light is packed with super bright LEDs that will you allow to stand out both on and off road. Quality Construction. Manufactured to exacting specifications from the high quality materials, this set of two Platinum Smoked LED Tail Lights feature a satin black housing with a chrome inset and smoked clear lenses

The unit arrived sooner than expected and I am using it twice a day for bone and disc healing. It is a quality product with great service on the end of the phone. Easy to use with pleasant warmth on my entire spine. Looking forward to the results that happen over time. Features . High Power Wash Moving Head With Zoom . 300W Quad Color LED System Comparable To 575 Wash . 50,000 Hour Solid State LED Lamp Source Life . Platinum Series Style Base / Touch Screen Displa Joovv and Platinum have both shot up the leaderboard after their awesome performance in the EMF round. Joovv - who were last place going into this round are now in 3rd, and Platinum LED who where in 3rd place are now in number one spot, pushing MitoRed down a place to 2nd. MitoHQ was the only panel to not change positions - staying at 5th The BIOMAX series lights are our newest and most advanced series of lights that have been developed for users that want even further increased power and advanced spectrum for improved benefit plus the ability to connect multiple panels together to make any custom size panel possible in addition to fully digital controls with built in timer.  Also, all BIOMAX lights are compatible with our tabletop stands and wheeled rack stands.   BIOMAX models come in only 50/50 split of our exclusive, patent pending R+ | NIR + spectral output featuring the five wavelengths of 630nm/660nm/810nm/830nm/850nm. For more information on this very special spectrum of red and near infrared, please check our complete blog post found here:  R+ | NIR+.  If you would like to see the BIOMAX digital control and timer system, please click here for our quick usage video:  BIOMAX Usage Video

Silver Oak Earns First LEED Platinum Certification for Eco

Anti-inflammatory benefits: 850nm wavelengths can help to reduce joint and muscle pain and diminish general inflammation in the body.Option to choose your wavelength configuration: All 660nm/Red, All 850nm/ Near Infrared (NIR) or combination Red/NIR From the full spectrum depths of UV to the heights of IR. Our lights utilize a finely tuned, superior 12 & 14-band spectrum in an exacting array and combination of narrow band diodes to achieve maximum light absorption through the precise efficiency of our output.  This means higher yields, larger fruit and bigger flowers — all with increased potency and health! Platinum LED Therapy Lights. 920 likes. From single panel in-home set-ups to multi-panel configurations for professional and clinical applications, PlatinumLED Therapy Lights has everything you need.. I have been reading and the general consensus seems to be Cyclops LED in the low beam and HID in the high or swap the entire unit with mattgeckoleds. Wanted to know if any one was using the new cyclops 4.8 Platinum H7

Since 2010, PlatinumLED has been the global industry leader in the designing and manufacturing of ultra-high power LED panels. Our lights emit the highest amount of irradiance than any other LED therapy light on the market today! This delivers more power with deeper penetration than any other light is capable of.  Superior power along with our highly advanced, patent-pending R+|NIR+ spectral output achieves the highest results of any other light ever created! Platinum must be doing something right their one of the most popular LED company's on the market and they keep all you haters chirping their name. So by all means keep droning on and on about how a light you know very little about and have never used is Garbage and cant do anything near what it claims... makes you sound very intelligent

The athletes who were given the LED light therapy prior to the exercise had significantly lower levels of creatine kinase (a marker for muscle damage) compared to the sham light therapy Joovv Solo and DUO, and Platinum Therapy Lights LED panels, which powerful lights and offer amazing bang-for-the-buck The 850nm wavelength is the signature PlatinumLED near infra-red wavelength and constitutes 80% of the BIOMAX spectral range. In many cases, the 850nm amplifies the benefits provided by the 810nm and 830nm wavelengths. This wavelength has a range of therapeutic applications such as:

I use this device daily and have had the device for about a month. I'm happy with my purchase. I would suggest this device to anyone interested in purchasing a similar product. Very pleased. Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12-band LED Grow Light The secret to the PlatinumLED success is combining an optimal blend of 12 different bands of complete light spectrum all the way from the depths of UV to the upper IR - giving your plants exactly the finely tuned spectrum that they need We have been using the Platinum LED lights for a couple of months now. We have the Bio 600 and the BioMax 900 and use them twice a day. Both work well and we use them together to cut down the time we need to be in front of them. We have noticed some muscle and joint pain has gone away with the light use. We appear to be feeling the benefits of the RED/NIR light. We would recommend these products.

KIND LED VS PLATINUM SERIES. Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by lotus710, Feb 21, 2015. lotus710 Well-Known Member. Joined: Feb 21, 2015 Messages: 102 Likes Received: 212 #1 lotus710, Feb 21, 2015. Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, 2015 Increased “feel-good” endorphins: 830nm wavelengths increases the release of endorphins. Endorphins are peptides which promote feelings of wellness.

Accelerated wound healing: 810nm wavelengths have been shown to help expedite wound healing, helping the tissue to granulate more rapidly.For the BIO series, you do have the option of using only the red or NIR spectrums or both at the same time.Healing of wounds in the skin: Lesions in the skin heal faster when exposed to 850nm wavelength light therapy.Its been two weeks and I can already feel and see a difference! This is a biohackers must have, wake sleep cycles have corrected and I do feel like my performance has improved as well. I love incorporating this into my daily routine! Did lots of research and decided Platinum LED was ahead of the rest of the competition in terms of technology and approach. It shipped quickly and its a beautiful product, I love everything about this! haha

Improved bone repair and growth: An animal study demonstrated that 830nm light therapy improved bone repair by stimulating new bone growth. Piaa Platinum 6000K White LED Headlight Light Bulbs - H11 Plug & Play. $109.88. Free shippin My light is a platinum led p300 I'm growing in dirt and using general organic so go box nutrients I'm almost 6 weeks into veg I got 3 plants from seed and 3 are from clones Clones Deadhead og Purple alien Dr. Who Seeds Death Star Tangie power Bag see Ford Fusion with Factory Halogen Headlights 2017-2018, Platinum LED Headlight Conversion Kit by PIAA®, White color bulbs, 6000K, 25W. Designed with a brilliant cut-line and anti-glare technology, this bulb upgrade directs the light to where you need it most The Gavita Pro 1700E's output is rated at 1700 μmol/s. This is extremely high for an LED grow light. It's the strongest grow light on our list. Not only is the strongest light on the list, when you look at its umol/j we can clearly it's also one of the most watt-efficient lights that you can get. It has an efficiency of 2.6 umol/j

Wonderful and well made product, looks great and easy to use. Would highly recommend it to add into your wellness arsenal Innovative LED and traditional lighting products. Lighting for You. These lighting products are for every use in your home. Browse our portfolio of energy efficient lighting, discover lighting facts and resources, and find retailers where you can shop and buy SYLVANIA brand lighting products Explore SYLVANIA Consumer Products. We currently offer all of the BIO series lights in three configurations: all red, all near-infrared and a combination of both red and near-infrared. Selecting a configuration depends on how you plan to use your therapy light.  BIOMAX models come in only 50/50 split of our exclusive, patent pending R+ | NIR + spectral output featuring the five wavelengths of 630nm/660nm/810nm/830nm/850nm. For more information on this very special spectrum of red and near infrared, please check our complete blog post found here:  R+ | NIR+ Barrow 3 in. Satin Platinum LED Wall Lantern Sconce Barrow LED outdoor wall light fixtures are Barrow LED outdoor wall light fixtures are designed to look great and save money. These wall lanterns exemplify the future of outdoor lighting with a modern, sleek, cylindrical bulb-free design that complements any home exterior Platinum range Leading the way. For more than 45 years Stanilite has been recognised as the market leader and a trusted brand for quality and innovative emergency lighting fixtures and monitored systems. Over this period we have continually developed leading edge products guided by our core values of providing the Australian emergency lighting.

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