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There's already rumors that BTS's JungKook and TWICE's Sana are secretly dating, but netizens dig up more evidence of the possible K-Pop couple.. The SaKook couple first began when the two idols were co-hosting as special MCs for Music Core. The two hottest members of the hottest K-Pop groups became a ship ever since They (crazy fans) seriously need to get help from a psychiatrist!!! They're not right in the head. So sad. Fanpop community fan club for So Ji Sub fans to share, discover content and connect with other fans of So Ji Sub. Find So Ji Sub videos, photos, wallpapers, forums, polls, news and more In December 2009, an obsessive fan of MBLAQ’s Lee Joon (real name Lee chang-sun) wrote and posted a message written in blood on social media. The message read, "Don’t forget me, Lee chang-sun. I only have you. I love you". She cited the 2PM blood-writing incident as impetus and motive for her act, writing in her caption, "What was that Ok Taecyeon fan’s blood writing. Period blood is so gross. I’ll show what blood writing is."[36] Wanna One Members Profile: Wanna One Facts and Ideal Types Wanna One (워너원) is a group formed by the top 11 contestants from the second season of Produce 101: Jisung, Sungwoon, Minhyun, Seongwoo, Jaehwan, Daniel, Jihoon, Woojin, Jinyoung, Daehwi, and Kuanlin. The group debuted on August 7th, 2017, under YMC Entertainment and CJ E&M. On May [

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  2. Oh no! BTS fans freaked out after seeing what appeared to be a sasaeng fan, or a stalker, in the group's live video to countdown to J-Hope's birthday
  3. Entertainment companies, idol groups, and individual idols have responded to sasaeng activity on social media or in interviews. Soompi, a Korean pop culture news site, has documented many of these cases.
  4. Since leaving WINNER, Nam Taehyun has undergone a number of transformations, arguably the most significant of which is the change in his public image. June 20th, 2017. Former WINNER member Nam Taehyun has had enough of sasaeng fans and their ridiculous behavior. April 23rd, 2017
  5. BTS’s J-Hope Cried Because Of An Old Woman’s Heartbreaking Problem — And What BTS Did To Help Her Will Melt Your Heart Even when they weren’t global superstars back then, BTS always gave a helping hand to people in need.
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During this past season’s The Voice of China, Chinese EXO fans made allegations that Zhang Bichen spent these three years as a Korean trainee juggling both her role as a sasaeng fan and her role as an up-and-coming singer in Korea. EXO fans spread posts on Weibo saying that they “cannot accept Zhang Bichen” as the winner of The Voice of China, and nicknamed Bichen as “one of China’s five biggest sasaeng fans”.The actions of sasaeng fans can have a psychological impact on some idols. D.O., a member of the band EXO, said in an interview that he had developed a "victim mentality" due to sasaengs, and that it had severely affected his public appearances and activities.[46] In 2016, Heechul of Super Junior described feelings of paranoia, and the trauma that the actions of certain sasaeng fans had caused him.[49] On the show Handsome Boys of the 20th Century, first-generation idol singers Eun Ji-won of Sechs Kies and Moon Hee-joon of the band H.O.T also admitted to paranoid feelings whenever they left their homes. Eun stated that he developed an addiction to video games, as he would stay at home out of fear of being accosted by crowds of fans. Fans are not only loving Lisa's special video message and how into their roles WINNER got, but they're also loving how this whole experience proves what an amazing friendship the two groups have! Lisa at their concert with Minnie, Jennie went to Mino's art exhibit, now this This is absolutely terrible. It makes me disgusted on how they decide to show their "love" to their idols. This is straight up obsessive!


Còn tin từ sasaeng fan thì mình mua nha. WINNER: 1. Các nhóm ở YG thì BIGBANG là có tiếng nói nhất, kế sau đó là W. 2. W thật sự là nhân cách vàng, tất cả các staff đều quý và rất muốn làm việc chung. 3. Trước khi Jinwoo và Seunghoon nhập ngũ, hai người họ đã đến chào và cảm. Beberapa fans ini dikabarkan bahagia setelah melihat ada member Wanna One yang terluka. Jadi bagian tubuh Wanna One yang terluka, misalnya, seperti darahnya, akan menjadi barang penting bagi fans militan. Saat ini, pihak manajemen berusaha menghentikan aksi sasaeng fans As seen on the LED truck, fans are demanding that YG Entertainment announce WINNER's future plans, release more content on Youtube, provide feedback and address the points of improvement fans have continuously suggested, and purify related keywords on portal sites, among others. The truck circled the building from 9AM to 5PM KST on each day

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Videos of Bichen’s music video with Sunny Days, Bichen’s winning performance at K-Pop World Festival 2012, and Yixing’s video message have been included to the end of this post. What do you think of these allegations towards Sunny Days’ Zhang Bichen? Do you believe her? Let us know in the comments below! So knetz should've stop labeled these kind of pictures as sasaeng unless the pictures is taken at private place e.g bathroom then that's indeed a sasaeng pictures. There are many fans waited at YG Building as well and all these pictures is located around YG (except that Eunbi's picture and Jennie & possibly Jisoo pictures at cafe What the fuck . This is ridiculous. I think sasaeng fans need to be in mental hospital for sure . Seriously, everytime i heard a news, a bad news about sasaeng fan (eventhought all of news about sasaeng fans is bad news) , i felt bad towards exo . Most of people is blaming on exo because of sasaeng fans. Reply Delet Fan sign events are supposed to be happy occasions where fans can interact with their idols. Unfortunately this isn't always the case. During a SEVENTEEN fan signing, a sasaeng fan got angry at Joshua. She started throwing objects at him much to everyone's shock. Even when she moved on she still continued her assault

The television series Reply 1997, portraying events in the popular culture of the late 1990s, recounts the rise of fan obsession with celebrities. As opportunities for fans to interact with celebrities were limited, people opted to become "Sukso fans", or sasaeng fans who stay outside a celebrity's house all night until they get to see their idol. These fans had self-imposed rules against trespassing on the house, forcing the celebrity to come out, or taking pictures of the celebrity.[61] ROMANIZATION I'm just different, I'm just differentchinjeoreul pparajima nan Angel & Demon ohaeneun haerowo nega na ttaemune oerowodo ihaehaejwo baby pyohyeonhago sipeodo geuge jal andwaene gaseume chongeul sswa igijeogiya geurae nan nappeun nomiya miraereul jjeomcheobwado na ttaemune jjikineun komma geuraedo isseojwo nal ppeorijineun marajwo mameun dareuji ana I'm for real, love ya. The Loony Fan in question was one of the three men that fit the profile (a red-haired man of a certain age who was a veteran) who was a fan of Jem and a gambling addict. He was definitely not Ba Nee's father, but learning his idol was looking for such a man caused him to shift to a Yandere-type , kidnapping Ba Nee with blackmail on his mind sorry 😭 i didnt mean they're a flop, its just i dont get why they arent that big internationally 😭

This sasaeng has kpop idols numbers!!!! and even ask taeyeon if kaistal is really dating Archived. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. This sasaeng has kpop idols numbers!!!! and even ask taeyeon if kaistal is really dating By the way they talked & replied to sane fans, they're all proud of themselves. r/kpopthoughtsWelcome to r/kpopthoughts, the shower thoughts subreddit for the K-Pop world! Share whatever you're thinking about now, whether it be about the music, the people or even the merchandise.5.3kthinkers GLAM Profile: GLAM Facts GLAM or GirLs Be AMbitious (글램) was a 4-member girl group under BigHit Entertainment. They were BigHit's first and last girl group to debut under the company, as they don't allow female trainees anymore. The group consisted of Jiyeon, Zinni, Trinity, Dahee, and Miso. Trinity was the first member to depart [ A sasaeng followed a top female idol around and she had a date with a nugu male idol who turned out to be underage and she's over 20. kitzbühel winner '19. Early Supporters. Posts 382 Reaction score 236 Points 2,620 Location cube Plus Coins ⨭3,170 Jun 21, 2019 #7 Marshmallow said

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  1. Cewekbanget.id - Buat para fans Kpop pasti enggak asing dengan sebutan sasaeng fans.. Sasaeng fans adalah oknum fans yang sangat fanatik dengan idolanya.. Mereka enggak ragu buat mengganggu kehidupan privasi para idol dan selalu mengikuti mereka di jadwal pribadi. Baca Juga : Kepoin 5 Cara Anak Alya Rohali, Namira Adjani Tampil Keren Pakai Sneakers Putih
  2. While sasaengs have formed a network to help spread and share information, a sasaeng's activity is also individualistic. The sasaeng who can get closest to an idol, or who can acquire private information no one else has, gains greater respect among other sasaengs.[12]
  3. well i just meant the whole idol journey until now 😅 i thought after Really Really they would really stand as par as the other YG artists, but it's so obvius ...
  4. History. Yang Hyun-suk announced, in May 2018, a subsidiary company called YGX would merge with Seungri's DJ label NHR. On June 4, on his official Instagram account, he posted a picture of a business card showing Seungri as the CEO of YGX Entertainment

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This need for individual recognition from idols has fueled some notable sasaeng acts. Physical assault is one perceived way of being remembered.[10] In 2012, a sasaeng reportedly slapped Yoochun, of the boy group JYJ, in the face, justifying herself by saying that the idol would surely remember her from then on.[11][unreliable source?] Hey guys! I was just wondering what the craziest Sasaeng stories youve heard are! Ive heard some really really weird ones like the 2pm period blood letters etc. and I know there are some pretty crazy Cassie ones as well. Plus now the exotic sasaengs. Anyway post the weirdest/ craziest one youve h..

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  1. A lot of netizens recognized that there was something wrong with the nickname that Luhan gave Dilraba Dilmurat in Keep Running TV Show. Luhan and Dilraba are the youngest couple of Keep Running, which is Chinese Running Man Show. Both of them used to make shippers' hearts beat fast when there were a lot of [
  2. Zhang Bichen, the winner of the third season of The Voice of China, denied all allegations of being a sasaeng fan of Korean male group EXO member Lay.
  3. On the afternoon of February 17th, the 5th Gaon K-POP Chart Awards were held at the Olymipc Park Olympic Hall in Songpa-gu, Seoul, assembling some of the hottest artists of the past year! The show named its Top 10 Artist of the Year, one for each month in 2015 that topped the digital charts at the time, [
  4. EXO is another group that is known to be an unfortunate target of crazed sasaeng fans. In one close incident that could have ended badly, sasaeng fans rented out a van that looked very similar to EXO's van in order to pick them up. Luckily, their manager was able to stop the EXO members from entering the van in time.

In January 2010, an obsessive fan of the group Wonder Girls cut her wrist and used her own blood to write, "Come back, Wonder Girls". She posted the picture of her face half-covered by her hand, showing the blood-writing and the scar on her wrist.[37] Contacting sasaeng fans is extremely dangerous to himself AND his group mates. I don't understand why people can't grasp their heads around how dangerous sasaeng fans are. Most idols RUN for their lives when they encounter these fans bc they're so terrified of them However, the vacation was far from simple joys and relaxation as the idols had hoped. From the time that the idols left Seoul to their arrival in Hawaii, the amount of sasaeng fans' excessive activities were over the top. The stalking and harassment by the fans didn't end at the airport A netizen posted a listing selling what was allegedly D.O's underwear, which she claimed to have obtained personally from his dorm room. To prove the authenticity of the underwear, she claimed she could provide strands of his hair for a DNA test. She then claimed that she would go on to get Sehun's next. 20 Of The Most Entertaining K-Pop Music Videos That “Get Faster” With Certain Phrases Or Gestures As if the regular music videos aren’t entertaining enough…

The Single-Stans Those people who stan only one member of a group. These people usually don't like the other members of that group, and forget it if you insult their idol. Honestly, I never get these people. Having a bias is one thing, single-st.. Many countries have laws curtailing behavior characteristic of sasaeng fans. In the United States, the state of California adopted the country's first anti-stalking law in 1990. Laws differ from state to state, but all states have laws against stalking.[50] In Germany, section 238 of the Criminal Code has imposed criminal sanctions on stalking since 2007, and legal protection was strengthened with the entry into force of the Act to Improve Protection Against Stalking in 2017.[51] Japan has a number of laws covering different aspects of celebrity stalking. For example, waiting in front of house/office, following, wiretapping, and repeated relationship demands carry a penalty of 1 year of imprisonment or a fine of one million yen.[citation needed] Japan has also passed laws against continuous messaging, including on social media.[citation needed] K-pop, Korean entertainment/culture, Korean fans/netizens [2014~] Select Menu. Home-Home » Idols » sasaeng » Winner » Sasaengs are watching you. Sasaengs are watching you March 8, 2014 Tweet. Instiz: Idol sasaeng's class these days They even hack the security cameras This is YG Winner Nam Taehyun who hasn't debuted yet. He's buying milk. The APAN Star Awards were held at noon at Chungnam National University in Daejun, celebrating 87 of the most popular dramas of the 2013 and 2014.Exciting performances were given by Ailee, T-ARA, Red Velvet, EXO, and The Boss and the show was MCed by T-ARA's Soyeon and Kim Sung Joo.. Many popular dramas vied for the awards and You Who Came From the Stars, Wonderful Days, and Trot Lovers were.

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  1. From letters written with blood, breaking and entering, and unwanted physical contact, the recent sasaeng behavior towards Wanna One is no less extreme. We've all heard the stories of sasaengs. Sasaeng Fan Attaches GPS Tracking Device On Wanna One's Company Car. Feb 19, 2018 Sasaeng fans inevitably tracked them down and interfered with.
  2. Such methods, costly in terms of both time and money, have resulted in sasaeng fans missing or dropping out of school, sleeping in Internet cafes, or turning to prostitution to cover their sasaeng-related expenses.[19]
  3. Although saeseng fan activity has caused K-pop celebrities difficulties since the 1990s, for many years Korea had no special laws to prevent or to penalize celebrity stalking.[52] A saesang fan incident involving the band Sanulrim’s lead vocalist, Kim Changwan, moved the government to act. Kim Changwan was stalked by one of his fans for over 10 years, and he eventually accused the fan of stalking. After serving a jail term of 1 year, the fan resumed following the singer, ultimately assaulting him and breaking his nose. The law was amended to include an offense of "Persistent harassment", or stalking, in 2011.[53]
  4. Sasaeng fans will do anything to get their idols' attention. A sasaeng fan had even gone far to pull JiYeon's hair as she was getting into her van at the airport. When these types of sasaeng fans are interviewed, they explain that they wish to be a part of a memory for the idols - even if the memory is a bad one.
  5. Finally, frustrated at the persistent discussion about EXO when asked about her favourite Chinese member (among the three), Bichen replied, “I’m too afraid to speak more on this topic. I don’t want to discuss them further because I’ve received threats every day. But alright, I like them all.”
  6. A pantless BTS fan was recently spotted following BTS at the Incheon International Airport. On January 14, this female fan, an alleged sasaeng, was spotted emerging from the same gate as BTS. She appeared to be wearing either hot pants or no pants at all
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current collection of sasaeng rumors from kpopdarksecrets -The song body from Winner Mino is about how his groupie and not about an ex girlfriend. current collection of sasaeng rumors from kpopdarksecrets Your number one Asian entertainment forum, serving the community since 2013 However, Winner and GOT7 are hip hop groups. In comparison to EXO, the two groups look more free-spirited. Just like its senior group Big Bang, the Winner members have strong personalities and are very different. Unlike SM, YG regards individuality and creativity as important qualities of Kpop stars rather than unity and identity

Photos showing how skinny of this WINNER member make his fans extremely worried about their idol's health So far, the rapper Mino from WINNER has been famous for his manly and well-proportioned body and his energetic look. Not only CIRCLEs (WINNER's fandom) agree with this, but so does other Kpop fans. However, since the beginning [ Winners are chosen based on their V Live popularity and fan engagement: hearts, comments, and a total number of views collected on V Live from December 1, 2018 to September 30 this year. For 2019, V Live is taking their awards party to the next level by hosting an awards ceremony In April 2016, Shinee member Key posted a photo on Instagram of a KakaoTalk group chat of full of foreign fans. He stated that he had been struggling as a result of the number of chat room invitations and missed calls from sasaeng fans, and is quoted as addressing them to say, "You can’t call yourself a fan", and "It is really insulting and unbearable".[45]

These 'fans' are not even real fans. These are attention seeker who believe they can make 'oppa' notice them, but bish, they're just straight up a dot to the idols life and basically a criminal. Acting like stalker and not giving a shizz about any of the idols privacy. Real fan support the idols by listening to their music and buying their merch and album and maybe attend their concert. These crazy af fan, are a no-no. 9 Times K-Pop Idols Had To Ask Sasaeng Fans To Leave Them Alone. May 15, 2020 by KoreaBoo. Original Article from Koreaboo. K-Pop idols have to deal with a lot of stress in their lives, one of them being sasaeng fans. These are obsessive fans that invade the privacy of their favorite celebrities and have no problem with finding out personal.

BLACKPINK's comeback date is near, so fans always want 4 girls to appear in the best physical and mental condition. Uncategorized Enlist status of male idols born in 1992: Nearly half of them enlisted, the rest are expected to enlist soon Sasaeng fans are obsessive fans between the ages of 12 and 20 who will follow, sneak into places and send inappropriate things to idols. One well-known incident was when one fan saved her menstrual blood and delivered it to the members of JYJ Kim Gavin’s Sister Denies Recent Dating Rumors With BIGBANG’s T.O.P By Releasing Proof She refuted the rumors with her own proof that they’re just friends.

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TVXQ has been legendary for their relentless following of sasaeng fans. Their sasaeng fans would get into taxis and follow them around, everywhere. ChangMin had enough of the harassment and approached the car to ask the fan to stop. However, the fan suddenly pulled up her window, crushing his fingers.Yoochun is definitely not the only JYJ member who experienced the overbearing surveillance of sasaeng fans. Photos of Junsu relaxing at a restaurant with hoards of sasaeng fans pressed up against the windows shocked K-pop fans, as these photos showed the extreme lengths to which sasaeng fans would go to see their idols even during their down time.

Private taxis: There were on average 150 taxis following TVXQ around on any given day. Sasaeng fans paid exorbitant fees to taxi drivers to drive them around for the day and trail/blockade TVXQ's van. Some private taxis hit and damaged the members' personal cars. One member said they developed a fear of taxis and had to get therapy for it A sasaeng fan once put a recording device inside the bathroom of Tao's hotel room. The fans recorded him singing in the shower and kept surveillance of his room door. Talk about zero privacy. Article: 'Sasaeng fan crosses the line again' BTS V's passport leaked with personal information Source: Sports Seoul via Nate 1. [+1,765, -14] This is a total crime.. I hope the person who leaked it is legally punished 2. [+1,473, -13] Are they crazy? 3. [+1,231, -11] Sasaengs, please don't be like this ㅠ “In regards to EXO, I was hoping by saying little, I would be doing little wrong, but in actuality, even talking about them has made it seem I’ve done something wrong. They are my idols, and they have given me a lot of strength. But to say that I went to Korea to chase celebrities is not too accurate because while I was in Korea, I was given two options: Practise or practise some more. You honestly didn’t have much time to do anything else, so of course I am not a sasaeng fan.” ANYWAYS I HOPE WE GET SOME UNIQ X WINNER INTERACTIONS AT MCD BC IMMA NEED JUNWOO, SUNGJOO AND SEUNGYOON TOGETHER Im sooooooo looking forward to them I can already tell they're going to be on my top 3 groups with Big Bang and Winner :D I hope they deliver with their music bc their visuals are A+++++ 15 October 2014 at 12:2

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Sasaeng fans stole idol's seal stamps to register marriage with them that could lead 10-yrs prison - Duration: Fans are excited about the possibility of Lisa having a solo or featuring in Somi's new album - Duration: K-BUZZ. 31,510 views; 1 year ago; This item has been hidden. Featured Channel Sasaeng fans always know how to get a hold of their idols' number. Excessive fans would constantly blow up their idols phones, with absolutely no consideration to the idols' hectic schedule. TaeYeon once posted her call log onto Instagram, desperately asking the psycho fans to stop calling her so that she can sleep. Sasaeng, a Korean portmanteau that combines sa (private) and saeng (life), has been used to describe overly-obsessive K-Pop fans. @shiro_0115 is believed to be an affluent fan who. Meanwhile, Zhang Yixing has helped in refuting the rumours. The Chinese EXO member sent a video message to The Voice of China viewers in late September encouraging Bichen on her new journey as a Chinese female soloist. “I’ve heard of a contestant called Zhang Bichen. She is a great contestant, and I hope she will work hard in her own career.”The new winner of this year’s The Voice of China is Zhang Bichen, a former member of Korean girl group Sunny Days. While competing in the Chinese reality show this year, she faced numerous attacks by EXO fans on social media about her past as a sasaeng fan in Korea. Bichen denied all accusations of being a sasaeng fan in interviews, but EXO fans declared her a liar, even influencing “Zhang Bichen tells lies” as a trending topic on Weibo.

It basically talks about how she faked everything and pretended to be his friend. #2 - Sasaeng Fan B got fooled into thinking that Haechan gave Sasaeng Fan A a cake coupon, causing her to release the audio files. #3 - Sasaeng Fan B released new audio file of Haechan talking about fansites to her.. AUDIO FILE. Translation: Haechan: Around 100 people followed me Through the music shows, fans can participate by voting for their favorite artists so they become the winners of the particular episode of a music show. The top 3 finalists who get the highest scores in the episode become rivals and only the 1 st idol group or singer with the highest score among the other contestants can become the winner Weibo post dated August 25, 2013 of EXO fans suggesting Zhang Bichen had helped EXO fans bypass TV show producers and TV show staff in admitting them into a EXO show recording:One day, upon her return back to her apartment, Jessica noticed a man following her after she got out of a taxi. When she tried to walk away using a faster pace, the strange man continued to follow her, speeding up as well. After she typed in the password to her apartment and safely entered, she could hear him trying to open the front door to get in after her. The sasaeng fan now compared to before. In order to become prettier, she got plastic surgery, and planned her revenge. She purposely contacted Hashimoto Ryo in order to try and get closer with Sakuma Ryoto, and they went on a several outings together, one to Disneyland and one with some other male celebrities

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Zhang Bichen first travelled to Korea in 2009 as an international exchange student. In 2010, she was accepted into Haeun Entertainment as a trainee. She debuted with Korean girl group Sunny Days in 2013 with the single “Meet a Girl Like You”. She left the group in early summer 2014, and filed a lawsuit to terminate her contract. Imagine your bias hating you ,lmao :mess: karma In case anyone is wondering why Jaehyun is looking at her like this it's because banana fish is a sasaeng fan. She follows Jaehyun EVERYWHERE and has been noticed by him many times. I honestly don't know why people still support this bitch In November 2009, a fan of boy group 2PM member Ok Taecyeon posted writing in blood, later reported to be menstrual blood, as proof of her adulation. This obsessive behavior toward the celebrity led to criticism of her actions, including from other 2PM fans.[35] Tofupost is a news blog about Korea-related artists working in China, and the effects of Hallyu (K-Pop) on the country's rising entertainment industry

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While sasaeng fans are notorious for following their idols in cars and taxis, Big Bang found themselves particularly compromised by sasaeng fans in vehicles in a vehicular standoff. While the members were in their van, sasaeng fans blocked the front, back, and sides of their van with their own respective vehicles. The Big Bang members were allowed to leave only after they took photos with the sasaeng fans. BTS fans freaked out after seeing what appeared to be a sasaeng fan, or a stalker, in the group's live video to countdown to J-Hope's birthday! On February 17th, BTS held a special V Live to countdown to and celebrate J-Hope 's birthday with their amazing army of fans what exactly do you mean by “level”? Korean GP/international fandom recognition? quality of music?Special occasions are meant for loved ones to celebrate a momentous occasion. However, that didn't stop sasaeng fans from crashing EXO'sBaekyun's brother's wedding for a glimpse of the idol. Not only did they stand up on chairs to take videos of him during the ceremony but they also rushed forward during the cake cutting to get autographs and photos, disrupting what should have been a private, intimate celebration for family and friends. However, though most of these scandals are born within the industry, one problem proved to be unique enough to be noticed by both the general public and Korean celebrities: Sasaeng fans. As Wikipedia puts it, a Sasaeng is an over-obsessive fan of a Korean pop idol, or other public figure, that has engaged in stalking or other behavior that.

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Actor Jung Hae In shared his joy with fans over winning the Korean Culture and Arts Award.The 2019 Korean Popular Culture And Arts Awards were held at the Olympic Hall in Songpa-gu, Seoul on October 30, where he received the Commendation of the Ministry of Culture Zhang Bichen, the winner of the third season of The Voice of China, denied all allegations of being a sasaeng fan of Korean male group EXO member Lay.. The new winner of this year's The Voice of China is Zhang Bichen, a former member of Korean girl group Sunny Days. While competing in the Chinese reality show this year, she faced numerous attacks by EXO fans on social media about her past as. In an interview for Sina, Bichen explained that the autograph she gave for a Kris fan was received through a fan signature meeting. “That was obtained through a fan meeting which you can attend if you buy their album. At the time, my friend liked him, so I gave the autograph he signed for me to her instead. That was how I received that autograph, it wasn’t through any other method.” Stories Koreaboo April 23rd, 2017 Former WINNER member Nam Taehyun has had enough of sasaeng fans and their ridiculous behavior.

Saesangs are people who claim themselves as fans. They are obsessed with their favorite idols to the point where they can harm them. Saesangs is not a cult, well not really. But if a saesang gets close to an Idol, unspeakable things could happen... With the use of Youtube and Spotify I'd say the U.S, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil is the countries that give the most views and streams. Also I know BTS are currently the most streamed k-act on Spotify in India, and are.

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One of the best known sasaeng fan stories, BTS was bombarded by excessive fans to the point that they were separated from each other and in incredible danger. Fans would grab and pull at the idols to get pictures or autographs. V had almost gotten lost as he ran for his life from the crazy fans. Big Hit Entertainment even posted on their website an official warning to the sasaeng fans to stop harassing the boys.level 12 points · 13 days agoInternational success is not necessarily better anyway. Their style fits more domestically so their fan base is pretty solid there. KPOP NEWS New sources, articles and questions will be updated in our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/korea_crush_/ #BTS #Sasaeng #LetBTSRest Fast and.. Sasaeng fans and taxi drivers (car chasers) who chase after Luhan are common, but it is a very dangerous action as it might harm the public, the offending party, and even Luhan himself. Luhan, Luhan Studio, and his team of fans have tried to explain the danger countless times via social media and news outlets to no avail On February 22, 2018, a national coordination meeting was held. At this meeting, the government announced plans to finalize details of stalking and dating violence prevention measures and penalties in the first half of that year, and clarify the definition of the offense of stalking and its types. It said that penalties for stalking would become more severe, with higher fines and prison sentences applying. These measures were to apply in celebrity stalking cases, recognizing that Korean celebrities suffer from many forms of abuse, both physical and mental, as a result of the actions of sasaeng fans.[58]

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Jeez these fans claim to love their idols but then they try to physically hurt them? That doesn't sound like loving to me Sasaeng fans will do anything to get their idols' attention. A sasaeng fan had even gone far to pull JiYeon's hair as she was getting into her van at the airport. When these types of sasaeng fans are interviewed, they explain that they wish to be a part of a memory for the idols - even if the memory is a bad one

level 18 points · 13 days agoI don't think they have the same sort of charisma as other YG groups. They have their own style that's appealing to other types of people.I feel like I get to know more about and get closer to the idol I love. If I go to a concert, there are thousands of people attending, so the idol would not know who I am. But if I become sasaeng, they will recognize me. If I keep telling them, ‘I am so-and-so. I saw you at that place before. I am so-and-so’, they will start to take note of me and ask ‘Did you come again today?’ To sasaeng fans, being recognized by idols is a good thing.[3] JYJ and Sasaeng Fans: An Ugly Controversy It has barely been two weeks since the circulation of a video that ambiguously portrayed JYJ's Yoochun hitting a female fan went viral, yet the former Popular Post

A Chinese sasaeng fan started making sexual remarks at Xiumin, asking if he slept with Luhan and if Luhan treats him well at night. Since Xiumin can't understand, Luhan got mad at the Chinese fan and grabbed Xiumin away from her Just 20+ Hilarious K-Pop Memes To Make You Crack A Smile During Quarantine Surely at least a couple of these will make you giggle.

the YG vibes yes, but the overall recognition they get for me isn't as much as BigBang Ikon and BP for instance...There are fans who are forever supportive of their favorite idols, and then there are sasaeng fans, those crazed so-called fans who have caused their own fair share of troubles and difficulties. Here are 13 of the most extreme accounts of sasaeng fans and the ways in which they've terrorized K-pop idols.

In 2013, the members of band EXO collectively expressed their frustration, noting the unfair treatment suffered by "normal" fans often mistaken for sasaengs. Member Suho called on sasaengs to stop such behavior if they truly cared about the group.[46] So, do you know about the fan culture of K-Pop? There are various types of fans in the K-Pop industry, but actually, they are all the same. They are showing us their true love for their idols, but obviously in a different kind of way. There are multi-fandoms, pure fandoms, sasaeng fans, even akgae fans No matter how often it is brought up, the topic of sasaeng culture never gets old. With events such as ARMYs stalking BTS at the Grammys and Exo's Baekhyun receiving repeated calls from sasaengs during an Instagram live video, it is apparent that sasaeng activities will never end. Even as fans continue to show disgust and hatred towards sasaengs and their actions, it's important to. In numerous interviews for The Voice of China promotions, Bichen stated that her three years as a trainee were some of the most difficult years of her life. In one particular situation, she suffered appetite problems while as a trainee but could not go to the doctor because her company did not provide medical insurance, so she was forced to spend her own money to buy medicine. Bichen relayed to Chinese media that because the company was so poor, the Sunny Day members received very little income even after they made their debut, which was why two of their members chose to leave the company.

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Pann: Crazy agency hires the worst sasaeng fans as main staff 1. [+686, -6] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What did Samuel do to deserve this? Brave, you crazy people, instead of claiming that you love him as your own son, please show him that you really care for him by letting him go 20 Of The Cutest And Coolest Custom-Made EXO Goods You Can Buy From Talented Artists Artistic EXO-Ls have some serious talent.

10 Extremely Disturbing Sasaeng Stories From Idols K-Pop

Sasengs are fans who have become overly obsessive about their idols and are willing to go to any length to get a closer view of them. Whether their actions are illegal or not don't seem to phase them. We gathered some extreme stories and compiled them into this list titled, 10 Extremely Disturbing Sasaeng Stories From Idols 1. Kim. f(x)’s Luna Bares Her Daring Fashion Style With Her Cotton Underwear In Full View Will this be a new trend?Typical media reports of sasaeng fan behavior focus on an instance, or instances, of socially disruptive fan activity, and include criticism from sources including "average" fans, industry representatives, and other figures whose social standing lends moral weight to the negative coverage. Fans of K-pop are often quick to draw distinctions between "normal" fandom and behavior said to characterize a sasaeng fan. Sasaeng fan identity is often represented in mass and social media using terms that carry negative connotations and express extremes, such as "crazed", "obsessive", "abnormal", "psychotic", and "disturbing".[21] In April 2016, Girls' Generation band member Taeyeon complained of receiving constant calls from strangers. She posted screenshots showing missed calls from strangers on Instagram, saying "Just let me sleep", and "This is not helping at all for both of us".[44] EXO is best known for their crazy fans, and what better place to find crazy fans than at the airport. Excessive fans always push the boys around, but one sasaeng fan pushed Kai on purpose (and way too violently at that). Kai injured his ankle and had to be carried by his (enraged) members.

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GOT7's Jackson and Girls' Generation's Sunny wish theirGOT7's Jackson gets friendly with Sunny and their fellow

WINNER took Seoul by storm with their WINNER [CROSS] TOUR at the KSPO Dome on October 26 and 27.. They put on a stellar performance and used live band sessions to create a more vibrant and deep sound. During two days, WINNER performed 40 plus songs, giving fans a fulfilled concert JungYeon's older sister, SeungYeon, once scolded the younger sister for being tardy to their house date. JungYeon then burst into tears explaining how she had taken a round-about route to get to her sister's house, because sasaeng fans were following her and she didn't want her sister's address to be found out. SeungYeon immediately apologized for not understanding her sister's considerate actions, and the girls hugged it out. This led to accuse the original post for its anti-fan sentiments as fans provided photos of Taehyun's recent photos. Meanwhile, aside from having a successful run as an actor, Taehyun remains busy as he prepares for WINNER's comeback Here are 13 of the most extreme accounts of sasaeng fans and the ways in which they've terrorized K-pop idols. 1) Yoochun JYJ sasaeng fans are notorious for their extreme behavior to get closer to. Korean fans on Twitter are outraged over WINNER's lazy styling and are demanding that they get new stylists.. Netizens found instances in which the stylists put minimum effort into the stage outfits. One noticed how instead of getting a better fitting jacket or making said jacket shorter, they simply folded it in WINNER shows a whole new sexy side of themselves in their photo shoot for star1 magazine.. With their normally cheerful and bright personalities, WINNER takes a 180-degree turn for their star1 pictorial, showing a new sexy and mature personality. The boys put on a new style of makeup while dressed down in dark clothing

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