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Communications Biology is an open access journal from Nature Research publishing high-quality research, reviews and commentary in all areas of the biological sciences. Research papers published by the journal represent significant advances bringing new biological insight to a specialized area of research. Plos Pathogens. Nature Communications. Journal of Biological Chemistry. Plos Computational Biology. Cancer Research. Nature Genetics. << Plos Computational Biology. Plos Medicine >> Interesse geweckt? Dann registrieren Sie sich jetzt kostenfrei bei streamedup! Interesse geweckt? Dann überzeugen Sie sich mit dem kostenfreien Beitrag “ADHS und Autismus” Chemical Society Reviews. Accounts of Chemical Research. Progress in Polymer Science. Journal of The American Chemical Society. Surface Science Reports. Aldrichimica Acta. Coordination Chemistry Reviews. Energy & Environmental Science. Nature Communications. << Nature Cell Biology. Nature Chemical Biology >>

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Mit streamedup! ist medizinische Exzellenz jetzt jederzeit nur einen Klick entfernt – ganz bequem von Ihrem Desktop, Tablet oder Smartphone aus. For Cancer Cells, There Is More Than One Path to Drug Resistance Posted on May 11, 2020. In findings published in the journal Nature Communications, researchers show that cancer cells can take more than one path to reach a drug-resistant cell state zhuanlan.zhihu.com别骗自己了,科普不是营销?骗谁啊,等科普百家争鸣的时候,不就是个商业? Exploring the Earth System. We contribute to the understanding of how living organisms - including humans - exchange fundamental resources like water, carbon, nitrogen and energy with their environment, and how this affects and responds to global climate and environmental change

COVID-19 Resources. Reliable information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) is available from the World Health Organization (current situation, international travel).Numerous and frequently-updated resource results are available from this WorldCat.org search.OCLC's WebJunction has pulled together information and resources to assist library staff as they consider how to handle coronavirus. The work is published Dec. 21 in Nature Communications Biology. 300 blind mice uncover genetic causes of eye disease. University of California - Davis. Journal Communications Biology

Nature Communications Impact Factor, IF, number of article, detailed information and journal factor. ISSN: 2041-1723 Two papers in Nature Chemical Biology describe new methods for transcriptome-mapping of N 6-methyladenosine (m 6 A), a covalent modification of RNA. In m 6 A-SEAL, modified adenosines can be tagged with different functional groups for different applications, whereas m 6 A-label-seq uses metabolic labelling to achieve single-nucleotide resolution

Not PloS One, they accept anything because theyre just in for money, accept low-quality papers to get the publishing money and nobody reads their papers because they push out hundreds every day which makes it near impossible to find any interesting ones. Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) MCB Secondary Field; Chemical and Physical Biology (CPB) Neuroscience; Resources. Directory; Emergency Operations Center; Directory. nature-communications. May 14, 2018; nature-communications. Tweet. See all news @MCB_Harvard about 5 hours ago. Creating Community Immunity: Wong and Harvard, MIT Peers.

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Other common reasons for submission to Communications Biology include its open access publishing model, our focus on early-career researchers, and affiliation with the Nature Research group of. Nature Communications and Science Advances are direct competitors to each other but from different publishers. (To phrase this in the way that one might see on an SAT test, Nature Communications is to Nature as Science Advances is to Science.) The.. 因此,这三本期刊实际上最主要的目的是弥补: 专业性工作具有较高的突破性或创新性,但所涉及的面不够广泛或者话题不是热点话题的工作。 Associate or Senior Editor (Computational and Systems Biology), Nature Communications Nature Research (Publishing) New York, NY 2 minutes ago Be among the first 25 applicant In 2012, the 16 Nature Research Journals published ~2100 papers. 53% biology. 33% physics. 11% chemistry. 3% earth and environmental sciences. OA 40269 40299 40330 40360 40391 40422 40452 40483 40513 40544 40575 40603 40634 40664 40695 40725 40756 40787 40817 40848 40878 40909 40940 40969 41000 41030 41061 41091 41122 41153 41183 41214 41244.

nature is a publishing group while nature communications is an open acess journal which gives out good articles for free. on the other hand not all the nature articles can be freely acesse Die Vorträge des Psychiatrie Updates 2020 werden aufgezeichnet und auf unserer Videoplattform streamedup! zur Verfügung gestellt. 1. Nature Reviews Microbiology. Nature Reviews Microbiology publishes the highest-quality reviews and perspectives highlighting important developments in our understanding of bacteria, archaea, viruses, fungi and protozoa, their interaction with their environments, how these organisms are harnessed in human endeavor and their impact on society

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Nature Communicationsの研究領域には、これらのカテゴリが含まれます: Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology (miscellaneous) (Q1), Chemistry (miscellaneous) (Q1), Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous) (Q1) SciRev ratings (provided by authors) (based on 100 reviews) Duration of manuscript handling phases. Click to compare. Duration first review round. #N#Total handling time accepted manuscripts. Decision time immediate rejection. #N#Characteristics of peer review process. #N#Average number of review reports. Average number of review rounds View Brooke LaFlamme's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Chief Editor - Communications Biology Springer Nature May 2017 - Present 2 years 6 months. New York. npj series. The Nature Partner Journals series, abbreviated npj, is a series of online-only, open access, journals.It was launched in April 2014 with three journals: npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine, npj Biofilms and Microbiomes, and npj Schizophrenia.Each journal in the series is published through a partnership between Springer Nature and a separate academic organization, foundation, or.

Cassiosomes are stinging-cell structures in the mucus of

I can't be the only one. I'm a biology major aiming for grad school eventually because I love science and biology/chemistry. Unfortunately my school's biology majors are 85% premed and 9/10 of my premed peers drive me CRAZY because most just see school as a means to an end and don't value learning or science In a new study published in the journal Nature Communications, Swiss researchers demonstrated that these changes take place via the active tuning of a lattice of nanocrystals present in a. Cabernard lab in Nature Communications Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 09:45 Spatio-temporally separated cortical flows and spindle geometry establish physical asymmetry in fly neural stem cell

View entire discussion ( 5 comments)More posts from the biology communityContinue browsing in r/biologyr/biologyWelcome to biology1.7mMembers The definition of journal acceptance rate is the percentage of all articles submitted to Nature Communications that was accepted for publication. Based on the Journal Acceptance Rate Feedback System database, the latest acceptance rate of Nature Communications is 38.4%

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He also told me there was a job opening in Nature Genetics. I applied and was very lucky to get the job; I spent three and a half years at Nature Genetics before becoming Chief Editor of Communications Biology in May 2017. What advice do you have for trainees interested in non-academic careers? I highly recommend informational interviews Last week Communications Chemistry published its first content, although I have been working as Chief Editor since June 2017. Having developed the journal with our publisher, alongside the Chief Editors of Communications Biology and Communications Physics, I have a good idea of what we think a Communications Chemistry Article should look like. At the same time I appreciate that we are a brand.

I started my editorial career 5 years ago as a scientific editor at Nature Genetics, less than 2 years after receiving my PhD. In 2017 I became Chief Editor of Communications Biology, a new open-access journal in the Nature Research portfolio. During this relativelyshort time in publishing, I have learned quite a lot about myself and what the role of the editor is and should be Starting October 2014, the journal only accepted submissions from authors willing to pay an article processing charge. Until the end of 2015, part of the published submissions were only available to subscribers. In January 2016, all content became freely accessible.[4] The new work is described in a paper published in the journal Nature Communications, co-authored by graduate student Dahyun Oh, professors Angela Belcher and Yang Shao-Horn, and three others

  1. are, mit den bewährt produktneutralen Inhalten im Nachgang als Video-on-Demand • CME-zertifizierte Onlinefortbildungen • medLive – spannende und aktuelle Talk-Sendungen
  2. Nature Communications Biology. Dear all, I would like to hear opinions regarding what to do as we were offered to transfer our manuscript from Nat. Communications to nature communications biology subjournal. Does anyone have an idea as to what it's impact factor may be in the near future, when will the first impact factor wiil be anounced and.
  3. Bioinformatics Ph.D. student Jessica Keenan and Biology Ph.D. student Ashley Penvose, both from Associate Professor Trevor Siggers' group, recently published their work on the regulatory specificity of the Nuclear Receptor transcription factors in Nature Communications
  4. Communications Biology is an open access journal from Nature Research publishing high-quality research, reviews and commentary in all areas of the biological sciences. Research papers published by the journal represent significant advances bringing new biological insight to a specialized area of research
  5. Glioblastoma (GBM) is one of the most aggressive solid tumors for which treatment options and biomarkers are limited. Small extracellular vesicles (sEVs) produced by both GBM and stromal cells are.
  6. More information: Narendranath Bhokisham et al, A redox-based electrogenetic CRISPR system to connect with and control biological information networks, Nature Communications (2020). DOI: 10.1038.

Nature旗下于2018开始发刊的新Open Access杂志。从官方描述和收费来看,CB的文章定位是介于Nature Communications和Scientific Reports之间: NC: Papers published by the journal aim to represent important advances of significance to specialists within each field.(£3,150) CB: The manuscript is important to scientists in the specific sub-field of biology.(£1,700 for. Life Sciences Gateway Nature, Nature Research Journals Research highlights. Archaeology: Fossilized footprints suggest ancient humans divided labour. Scientific Reports. May 15, 2020. Genetics: A genetic explanation for below average height in Peruvian individual

Communications Biology fills a specific need within the Nature Research portfolio for a high-quality, broad-scope biology journal publishing work of importance to fellow researchers without the. The founding editor-in-chief was Lesley Anson,[1] followed by Joerg Heber,[2] Magdalena Skipper and Elisa De Ranieri.[3] The journal has editorial offices in London, Berlin, New York City, and Shanghai.

CRISPR/Cas9 editing of endogenous banana streak virus inEncryption and steganography of synthetic gene circuits

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2017 Journal Impact Factor (JCR) Technical Report · June 2017 CITATIONS 0 READS 12,350 1 author: NATURE CELL BIOLOGY. 20.060. 53. Cancer Discovery. 20.011. 54. CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY REVIEWS. IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. 17.188. 80. ANNALS OF INTERNAL MEDICINE PLoS Biology features works of exceptional significance, originality, and relevance in all areas of biological science, from molecules to ecosystems, including works at the interface of other disciplines, such as chemistry, medicine, and mathematics. Nature Communications Springer Nature is the publisher of the world's most influential journals and a pioneer in the field of open research. Across our wide portfolio of journals we cover the full range of research disciplines - providing a home for all sound research and a platform for some of the most important discoveries of our generation Nature Communications is an online-only, multidisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research in all areas of the biological, physical and chemical sciences. Papers published by the journal represent important advances of significance to specialists within each field

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Alle Teilnehmer des Updates erhalten kostenfreien Zugang zu den Online-Vorträgen. Zum zeitlich absolut flexiblen Nacharbeiten der Inhalte ideal geeignet. Noch ein Anreiz mehr, das Psychiatrie Update 2020 zu besuchen! 1. Commun Biol. 2019 May 21;2:194. doi: 10.1038/s42003-019-0431-5. eCollection 2019. Non-enzymatic hydrogen sulfide production from cysteine in blood is catalyzed by iron and vitamin B6

Growth strategy of microbes on mixed carbon sources

Their technique, published in Nature Communications, has the potential to further bridge the gap between the electronic and biological worlds, paving the way for new wearable and smart devices Nature Research is expanding its portfolio of open access titles to include a family of three new, high quality, selective, open access multidisciplinary journals, Communications Biology, Communications Chemistry and Communications Physics. The journals will be online-only and publish open access content under a CC-BY license Nature is a British multidisciplinary scientific journal, first published on 4 November 1869. It is one of the most recognizable scientific journals in the world, and was ranked the world's most cited scientific journal by the Science Edition of the 2018 Journal Citation Reports and is ascribed an impact factor of 43.070, making it one of the world's top academic journals Scientific reports and Nature Communications are both open access journals from Nature Publishing Group. For Scientific Reports, referees are asked to evaluate accuracy, but not novelty. This journal is recommended for [1] > authors for whom speed..

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Molecular development of chondrichthyan claspers and the

Nature Communications is a multidisciplinary journal which publishes articles from all fields of natural sciences. The editor-in-chief is supported by 13 different editorial teams covering individual topics.[11] Ambient and artificial light. Average absorption (a) and light backscatter (b b), both at 498 nm, over the top 20 m of the water column varied from 3.48E-02 to 6.61E-02 m −1 and 1.99E-03 to 1. 赞同 74​​13 条评论​分享​收藏​喜欢收起​Bingoapple.css-1cd9gw4{margin-left:.3em;}.css-h5al4j{box-sizing:border-box;margin:0;min-width:0;color:#8590A6;font-size:14px;margin-top:10px;margin-bottom:-4px;}5 人赞同了该回答凡事Nature出版集团推出的期刊都会惹来争议,无非还是就着OA这一点不放。只是从发表者缴费的层面看,出版社的行为就被说成敛财,吃相很难看。但怎么没有人说,下载不是OA的期刊文献,是需要所处的机构向出版社缴费才能下载。这笔数据库费用和OA的费用相比怎么没人算算呢?(当然必须承认Nature的OA费用确实太高,这个要找物价局管管?) Nature Research is expanding its portfolio of open access titles to include a family of three new, high quality, selective, open access multidisciplinary journals - Communications Biology, Communications Chemistry and Communications Physics.The journals will be online-only and publish open access content under a CC-BY license Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries is a quarterly international journal which publishes original and review articles on varied aspects of fish and fisheries biology. The subject matter is focused on including evolutionary biology, biogeography, molecular ecology, stock identification, genetics and genetic manipulation, physiology.

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  1. Received Date: 3rd December 19. While synthetic biology has revolutionized our approaches to medicine, agriculture, and energy, the design of novel circuit components beyond nature-inspired templates can prove itself challenging without well-established design rules
  2. The latest preprints under consideration at Nature Communications. Celine Souilhol, Xiuying Li, Lindsay Canham, Hannah Roddie, Daniela Pirri, Blanca Tardajos Ayllon, Emily Chambers, Mark Dunning, Mark Ariaans, Jin Li, Yun Fang, MARIA FRAGIADAKI, Victoria Ridger, Jovana Serbanovic-Canic, Sarah De Val, Sheila Francis, Timothy James Chico, Paul Evan
  3. Communications Biology is a new open access journal from Nature Research. Publishing high-quality research, reviews & commentary from across the biological science
  4. Biology: The coffee pest's Achilles heel Gut microbes are responsible for the breakdown of caffeine in the most devastating insect pest coffee, reveals a new study in Nature Communications this week. Caffeine would otherwise be toxic to th
  5. Communications Biology Editorial Board. Huang has authored over 60 publications and patents, including reports in Nature Medicine, Germany. He then carried out postdoctoral research in plant systems biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, collaborating with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute & Center for Cancer Systems.

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  1. Communications Biology is an open access journal from Nature Research publishing high-quality research, reviews and commentary in all areas of the biological sciences
  2. A Communications Biology paper describes novel structures formed of stinging cells found in the mucus of the upside-down jellyfish Cassiopea xamachana. These structures are capable of killing prey..
  3. Advice to potential Communications Biology authors and reviewers: An interview with Jung-Eun Lee, Associate Editor To celebrate our first year of publishing at Communications Biology, we sat down with in-house editor Jung-Eun Lee to discuss what makes a great submission, the impact of open access publishing and more
  4. In 2017, Nature Publishing Group announced the creation of three "subjournals" under the Communications brand: Communications Biology,[12] Communications Chemistry[13] and Communications Physics.[14] In 2019, Communications Materials was announced.[15]
  5. Nature Communications April 15, 2015 A naturally-occurring compound derived from the bark of the magnolia tree, called honokiol, could prove useful in the treatment of cardiac hypertrophy and many other conditions, suggests a study on mice published in Nature Communications
  6. Nature communications Tajima K, Ikeda K, Tanabe Y, T EA, Yoneshiro T, Oguri Y, Ferro MD, Poon ASY, Kajimura S The RNA-binding protein DAZL functions as repressor and activator of mRNA translation during oocyte maturation

Received Date: 5th May 20. Under continuous nutrient-limited conditions every aspect of yeast physiology is subject to robust temporal regulation 1-6, resulting in biological oscillations whose function and mechanism is poorly resolved 7.Here we show that these cellular rhythms occur to minimise energy expenditure by temporally restricting protein synthesis until sufficient cellular resources. It has not been peer reviewed but is currently under consideration at Nature Communications. Nature Communications. Nature Research, Springer Nature. Follow. Eukaryotic cell biology is temporally coordinated to support the energetic demands of protein homeostasis. John S. O'Neill, Nathaniel P. Hoyle, J. Brian Robertson, Rachel S. Edgar. Deep Microbial Proliferation, Basalt Microbes, Basalt Level Microbes, Yohey Suzuki Basalt Microbes, Nature Communications Biology, In the Lava Deep there Stirs a Single-specked universality in scale to micro, technical Protraction of the data. A single cell merged into the flow below the cool, the flame

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Experience/Opinion of Communications Biology (Nature journal) Just desk-rejected from Nature Communications with the recommendation to submit to Communications Biology. I'm wondering how far down the rabbit hole of Nature journals one can go and still have their research read by relevant audiences Communications Biology: 8.7 weeks: 13.4 weeks: n/a: 3: 4 (very good) 5 (excellent) Accepted: Motivation: Unlike other nature journals, the publication process in Comms Bio was very smooth. Editors are very committed and efficient. Communications Biology: 4.6 weeks: 11.3 weeks: n/a: 2: 3 (good) 5 (excellent

The set of journals have been ranked according to their SJR and divided into four equal groups, four quartiles. Q1 (green) comprises the quarter of the journals with the highest values, Q2 (yellow) the second highest values, Q3 (orange) the third highest values and Q4 (red) the lowest values. The SJR is a size-independent prestige indicator. Information about the open-access journal Nature Communications in DOAJ. DOAJ is an online directory that indexes and provides access to quality open access, peer-reviewed journals. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience 发信人: iseeyou1210 (iseeyou1210), 信区: Biology 标 题: Re: 不能回帖,汇报一下问个Nature Communications投稿的事 发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Fri Oct 19 22:42:08 2018, 美东) 恭喜楼主!--※ 来源:·WWW 未名空间站 网址:mitbbs.com 移动:在应用商店搜索未名空间·[FROM: 161.

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Einen wertvollen Einblick in die vielfältigen und hochaktuellen Themen, die auf dem Psychiatrie Update 2019 behandelt wurden, geben die nachfolgenden Beiträge: Molecular Biology is the field of biology that studies the composition, structure and interactions of cellular molecules such as nucleic acids and proteins that carry out the biological processes essential for the cell s functions and maintenance. Nature Communications 11, 2427 Research 15 May 2020 | Open Access. Ribonucleotide.

Biology alumna on invasive snakes in Guam in Nature Communications Monday, March 13, 2017 - 11:15 Haldre Rogers , alumna of UW Biology's graduate program and current assistant professor in the ISU Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology , studied how the introduction of the invasive brown treesnake to Guam has indirectly. The Springer Nature research data policy types 2, 3 and 4 encourage or require the provision of data availability statements. Some research funders, such as the Research Councils UK, require data availability statements to be included in publications and the Springer Nature research data policies support compliance with these requirements Communications Biology fills a specific need within the Nature Research portfolio for a high-quality, broad-scope biology journal publishing work of importance to fellow researchers without the need for articles to be of broad, general interest outside a specialist community—a theme that extends to our sister journals, Communications.

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  1. Cell Stem Cell. Journal of Biological Chemistry. Nature Communications. Science Translational Medicine. Plos Biology. << Celestial Mechanics & Dynamical Astronomy. Cell Adhesion & Migration >>
  2. Taking an average of APC for all countries/regions, and multiplying by the total numbers of papers published, one finds that Nature Communications got in 2016 approximately $17,836,554 (USD) in total income, while Scientific Reports $32,937,359.This is more than 50 million dollars in total income in 2016 for APC charges from these two journals only
  3. Credit: Sadre Radin, Nature Communications CC BY 4.0 Michigan State University scientists have developed synthetic biology tools to co-produce high-value compounds in plants
  4. According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2018 impact factor of 11.880,[10] which is slightly higher than the record of 11.801 found in both scijournal.org and the SCIMAGO Institute. But, according to SCI Journal, the 3-year average and 5-year average of impact factor are consistently higher than 12.

In an effort to create first-of-kind microelectronic devices that connect with biological systems, University of Maryland (UMD) researchers are utilizing CRISPR technology in a novel way to electronically turn 'on' and 'off' several genes simultaneously. Their technique, published in Nature Communications, has the potential to further bridge the gap between the electronic and biological worlds. nature.com provides access to Nature Research publications and services, including news and comment from Nature, and the leading scientific jobs board Nature Careers.It also provides access to academic and society journals published in collaboration with Springer Nature. Access all Nature Research content including nature, Nature journals, Nature Review journals, adding more than 35,000. Thus, dual RNA-seq can provide insight into the biology and host-pathogen interactions of a poorly characterized and genetically intractable organism such as Ot. Read in full at bioRxiv . This is an abstract of a preprint hosted on an independent third party site Biology: Insulin-producing cells from patients with diabetes function in mice Insulin-producing beta cells produced from the cells of patients suffering from type 1 diabetes are functional in mice, reports a paper published online in Nature Communications Nature Communications. Nature Research, Springer Nature. Follow. You may also be interested in... Under Consideration. Eukaryotic cell biology is temporally coordinated to support the energetic demands of protein homeostasis. John S. O'Neill, Nathaniel P. Hoyle, J. Brian Robertson, Rachel S. Edgar, Andrew D. Beale, Sew Y. Peak-Chew, Jason Day.

Synthetic biology: Waking up (genetic circuits) with coffee. Nature Communications. June 20, 201 我看了一些Communications Chemistry的文章,还是算得上高质量,但确实上头的文章显然更专业一些。 The Impact Factor 2018 of Nature Communications is 11.878, which is just updated in 2019.Compared with historical Impact Factor, the Impact Factor 2018 of Nature Communications dropped by 3.85 %.The Impact Factor Quartile of Nature Communications is Q1.The Impact Factor (IF) or Journal Impact Factor (JIF) of an academic journal is a scientometric index that reflects the yearly average number.

High-intensity UV laser ChIP-seq for the study of protein

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The Standard Abbreviation (ISO4) of Nature Communications is Nat. Commun..ISO 4 (Information and documentation - Rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications) is an international standard, defining a uniform system for the abbreviation of serial publication titles. One major use of ISO 4 is to abbreviate the names of scientific journals Communications Biology(a new life-science journal from Nature) - Every second week of the month Nature Medicine (28.223, 30.357, 29.886, 32.621, 30.641) (99.63% EndNote Styles - Nature Communications. All Clarivate Analytics websites use cookies to improve your online experience

Nature Communications is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal published by the Nature Research since 2010. It covers the natural sciences, including physics, chemistry, earth sciences, medicine, and biology.. The founding editor-in-chief was Lesley Anson, followed by Joerg Heber, Magdalena Skipper and Elisa De Ranieri. The journal has editorial offices in London, Berlin, New York. medLive – das sind moderierte Expertendiskussion mit Live- oder Semi-Live-Interventionen, spannenden Kasuistiken oder Highlight-Kongressberichterstattungen. Über Chatfunktion und Live-Voting können Sie sich während der Sendung aktiv beteiligen. Die meisten Live-Sendungen werden zur CME-Zertifizierung eingereicht. Nach der Live-Übertragung sind die Sendungen wenige Tage nach der Ausstrahlung als Video-on-Demand verfügbar. Hartford, Connecticut, April 17, 2015 - Research into the process of segmentation during the embryonic development of arthropods by Trinity College Research Associate Professor Terri Williams, working in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Arizona, has been published in Nature Communications, the prestigious online journal.Entitled Changing cell behaviors during beetle. The Nature Research Ecology & Evolution Community provides a forum for the sharing and discussion of news and opinion in ecology and evolutionary biology. Menu. A community from Nature Ecology and Evolution. Nature Communications. Marian Turner. Senior Editor, Nature Ecology & Evolution

Many SRP scientists have published their findings in high-impact journals, those considered to be highly influential in their fields. A journal's impact factor is a measure of the frequency with which an average article in a journal has been cited in a particular year Molecular biology Definition. Molecular Biology is the field of biology that studies the composition, structure and interactions of cellular molecules such as nucleic acids and proteins that carry out the biological processes essential for the cell s functions and maintenance. Nature Communications 11, 2401 Research 14 May 2020 | Open.

The incentives my colleagues face are not huge bonuses, but the professional rewards that accompany publication in prestigious journals - chiefly Nature, Cell and Science Information about the open-access journal Communications Biology in DOAJ. DOAJ is an online directory that indexes and provides access to quality open access, peer-reviewed journals. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience I do understand that it's a gamble, how much do you think will the impact factor be ? Will it be on par with Nature communications or lower ? Nature Chemical Biology 14(3): 206-214 73. Liu SS, Hockenberry AJ, Lancichinetti A, Jewett MC, Amaral LAN (2018) A novel framework for evaluating the performance of codon usage bias metrics Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15: 2017066 Just want to clarify, that this question is specific to the editorial process of 'Nature Communications' which is not usual and not related to generalized peer review process. I think I am asking this question especially because Nature Journals have their own editorial workflow which is not as same a typical workflow of many journals

Caihong juji: Jurassic Bird-Like Dinosaur Had IridescentOpen biology digest: shaping wings, pathogen resistant
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