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  1. Erhalten Sie stets aktuelle Nachrichten und Warnmeldungen zu Ihren Websites. Abonnieren Sie Benachrichtigungen, oder verwalten Sie Ihre Website-Benachrichtigungen mithilfe der Benachrichtigungskonsole.
  2. Google Search Console API client libraries The Google Search Console API is built on HTTP and JSON, so any standard HTTP client can send requests to it and parse the responses. However, the Google APIs client libraries provide better language integration, improved security, and support for making calls that require user authorization
  3. Here’s where Google will inform you of any site-wide or section/page specific manual penalties that they’ve applied to your site.
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  1. Enter the URL that you want to remove, click continue, then select whether you want it removed from the search results and the cache, just from the cache or if you want an entire directory removed. Clicking Submit Request adds it to the removal queue. Typically this request will be processed in two to 12 hours.
  2. Die Bing Webmaster-Richtlinien behandeln zahlreiche Themen und helfen Ihnen dabei, Ihre Website in Bing indizieren und auffinden zu lassen.
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Beobachten Sie mithilfe der Google Search Console die Suchleistung Ihrer Website, stöbern Sie in Schulungs- und Communityressourcen und erhalten Sie Google Webmasters-Support Mit dem Bing-Tool zum Testen der Benutzerfreundlichkeit von Webseiten können Sie überprüfen, ob Ihre Website für Mobilgeräte optimiert ist.Any pages that show zero internal links have been orphaned and should either be linked to from somewhere on your site, or redirected to an appropriate page if they’re old legacy pages.The Index Status allows you to track the status of your site within the Google index. How many pages are they showing as being indexed? Are there any worrying trends? Have you accidentally blocked large sections of your site from Googlebot? This is a great place to get the answers to those questions and more. Standard Query Parameters The following query parameters can be used with all methods and all resources in the Google Search Console API. All parameters are optional except where noted

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  1. Si tienes problemas con tu sitio web, encuentra la solución rápidamente echando un vistazo a nuestra lista de problemas frecuentes, leyendo la documentación de ayuda y testeando tu sitio web con las herramientas de pruebas.
  2. Users with “Full” permission can do everything except add users, link a GA account, and inform Google of a change of address.
  3. Als er iets mis is met uw site, kunt u snel hulp vinden via onze lijst met belangrijkste problemen, ondersteuningsdocumentatie en testtools.
  4. e the best target audience for a page: A target locale specified using Search Console's International Targeting report. If you use a generic top-level domain (gTLD) and use a hosting provider in another country, we recommend using Search Console to tell us which country your site should be associated with (if you want to geotarget your site)
  5. You can also set your preferred domain – whether you want the site to show up in the search results with the www or without the www. Most sites will redirect from one to the other, or contain canonical tags, which will preclude the need for setting this here, but if you don’t have that capability, this is your way to tell Google.
  6. Redesigning a website or migrating it takes a lot of planning. If you do not take proper SEO precautions it can result to be highly unsatisfactory, but when done right, the process should be mostly painless. Download Now

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Die Bing-Webmaster-Anwendungsprogrammierschnittstelle (API) ermöglicht es Webmastern, programmatisch auf ihre Websiteinformationen zuzugreifenThis section identifies the domains that link to you the most, along with your most-linked-to content. While you most likely won’t see every link that Google’s found for your site, you will see more than if you went to google.com and performed a search for “link:yoursite.com.”Here’s where you can access all of the information about the sitemaps that GWT has been informed of. To test a sitemap, click the add/test sitemap button, and GWT will inform you if the sitemap appears to be valid. If it is, then simply add the sitemap using the same procedure, except clicking the add sitemap button.

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Houd de zoekprestaties van uw site bij met Google Search Console en kijk rond voor Google-bronnen voor webmasters op het gebied van ondersteuning, informatie en community's Obtén datos, herramientas y diagnósticos para tener un sitio saludable y totalmente compatible con Google. Users with “Restricted” permission have the same restrictions as those with “Full” permission plus the following: they only have viewing capabilities on configuration data, cannot submit sitemaps or request URL removals, cannot submit URLs, cannot submit reconsideration requests, and only have the capability to view crawl errors and malware notifications (they can’t mark any of them as fixed).

Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, and code samples are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates.For example, if you had a tracking parameter that you use for a particular campaign, then the page is obviously the exact same page as when it’s reached without the tracking parameter. Entering the tracking parameter in here tells Google that they should ignore the tracking parameter when looking at the URL.

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  1. Heeft u interesse in het maken van een site die goed is voor gebruikers en die het goed doet in de zoekresultaten? Neem eens een kijkje bij onze cursussen en handleidingen voor het maken van kwaliteitssites die gemakkelijk kunnen worden gevonden.
  2. To associate a Google+ page, if it’s the same account on GWT and Google+, you’re done. If you’re using different accounts:
  3. While you can’t specify the actual pages that you want to display in the sitelinks (that would be far too open to abuse), you can specify which pages you want removed. Simply enter the URL of the page with the sitelinks (not always just the homepage), and then type in the URL of the sitelink that you want to be removed.
  4. SEO has seen an evolution over the period of time, but one thing remains constant; SEO still holds utmost importance to digital marketing success. Download Now
  5. Google Analytics for site ownership verification - Google Search Console Training. If you use Google Analytics to track your site's traffic, you can verify your site using the Google Analytics tracking code associated with the site. To do this, you must have edit permission for the web property whose tracking code is used by that page
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A property can have a maximum of 100 users with edit or view-only permissions. To add a new user: Choose a property in Search Console. Click the Settings icon in the navigation pane.; Click Users & permissions.; Click Add user and select the permissions to grant the user.Type the Google Account name (email) of the new user With the big push to tie up bylines to Google+ accounts, this tool allows you to see data for pages which you are the author for, so you’d need to be logged into an account in GWT that you’ve previously set up as an author.Here you can tell Google some things about your site if you’re not able to tell them in other ways. Welcome to the official YouTube channel for Google Webmasters, where you can find information and tools to help you understand and improve your site in Googl.. Google Webmaster Tools: An Overview . Google Webmaster Tools is the primary mechanism for Google to communicate with webmasters and helps alert you about issues with your site. This guide will walk you through the various GWT features, and what actionable data can be found within

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is the primary mechanism for Google to communicate with webmasters. Google Webmaster Tools helps you to identify issues with your site and can even let you know if it has been infected with malware (not something you ever want to see, but if you haven’t spotted it yourself, or had one of your users tweet at you to let you know, it’s invaluable).If, on the rare occasion that you would do so, you decide to migrate your entire site to a new domain, this is where you let Google know.Here you can specify whether you’d like to receive a daily digest of your messages, and the email account you’d like them sent to.

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About the API URL Testing Tools API (Experimental

If the page looks how you expect it to, then you can submit it to the index. You are allowed 500 fetches/submissions a week, and 10 linked page submissions per week (submitting a page and all pages linked from it at the same time).Not all messages are bad. There’s also the possibility that you’ll get one that congratulates you on an increase in traffic to one or more of your pages.Please note: there is now a more up-to-date version of this guide – Google Search Console: a Complete Overview – published in May 2016. This extension can remove a list of URLs from google via Google's search console formerly known as Google's Webmaster tools with one click. You don't need to copy and paste individual URL manually and click on the remove button one at a time

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This section allows you to associate different Google accounts with your GWT account, so that they can be designated as officially connected to the account/site. They can’t see any data in GWT, but they can perform actions on behalf of your site (e.g., creating an official YouTube account for the site, or posting to Google+ on behalf of the site through an associated account).This tool allows you to see how your site looks using Google’s Instant Preview feature (the view of your site that can be seen in the search results when you mouse over the double arrows that show up next to a result).Das Webmaster-Center mit Anleitungen bietet Ihnen Hilfe und Unterstützung bei bestimmten Themen und Aspekten unserer ToolsThe page shows you the sitemaps that you’ve submitted, the number of pages they found in each, and the number of those pages that they’ve indexed. You can also see quite clearly if there are any issues that they’ve detected within your sitemaps. Simply click on the warnings hyperlink to view them all.Here you can see information about all structured data elements that Google’s located on your site, whether they’re from schema.org or older microformats.

Richiedi assistenza Conoce cómo funciona y mejora tu sitio en las Búsquedas de Google. Comenzar ¿Quieres crear un sitio web de utilidad para tus usuarios y que se muestre correctamente en los resultados de búsqueda? Sigue nuestros cursos y consulta nuestras guías para crear sitios web de calidad preparados para ser mostrados en cualquier tipo de resultado de búsqueda.

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Here is where you can basically view your pages as Google sees them. They’ll return the HTTP response, the date and time, and the HTML code, including the first 100kb of visible text on the page. Capacitación para webmasters Videos y artículos que te ayudarán a ser encontrado en Google Más información. Centro de asistencia Soluciona problemas y encuentra respuestas a tus preguntas..

Here’s where you find out about the errors that Google has detected when crawling your site over the past 90 days. This is an invaluable tool as it can absolutely help you identify a variety of issues on your site, from server errors to missing pages, and errors in between. Visualiza esta presentación de Search Console This section is the place to test out your current robots.txt against any pages on your site to verify whether they can be crawled or not. You can also test out modifications to your robots.txt to see whether they’d work as you anticipate against various pages on your site. Dominate Your Competition Online With Science Based SEO. Get a Free 30min consultation with one of our Ranking Expert

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Clicking on the gear icon in the top right gives you access to the tools that formerly resided in the Configuration menu item.If Google has detected any malware or other security issues on your site, this is where they’ll list it out (it will also appear in the messages section). If you see a page here you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible and click on the “Request a Review” button that will be displayed here. U wilt gevonden worden op internet. Wij willen u graag daarbij helpen. Houd de zoekprestaties van uw site bij met Google Search Console en kijk rond voor meer hulpbronnen voor webmasters. Once you’ve set up your new site, permanently redirected the content from your old site to your new using a 301 redirect, added and verified your new site on GWT, then you come to this option and inform Google of the move.

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Soluciona problemas y encuentra respuestas a tus preguntas. Ayuda Rimani sempre aggiornato grazie alle nostre novità, ai nostri eventi e alle nostre community sui social media.

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This whitepaper published by BrandVerity explores seven ways to use these two powerful channels together to drive more successful business results, increase brand visibility, and control your brand story. Download Now The crawl rate option allows you to slow down the rate of Google’s spider’s crawl. You’d only really do this if you witnessed server issues due to Google’s crawling, for the most part you’re going to let Google figure out what the correct crawl rate is for your site based on how frequently you add and update content.What this does is give you an idea of the top traffic-driving keywords for your site, the number of impressions and clicks, and therefore the click-through rate (CTR), and the average position that your page was ranking for that particular query.Before you can access any data on your site, you have to prove that you’re an authorized representative of the site. This is done through a process of verification.

Clicking on the ? icon to the right of this menu option delivers a nice breakdown of the various elements of a search engine results page (SERP). Blijf op de hoogte van nieuws, evenementen en community's op social media

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The first screen you’ll see is the dashboard. This gives you a quick view into some of the more pertinent information for your site, along with any new messages from Google. We’ll cover each of the widgets shown here in their own sections. Con Google Search Console puoi monitorare il rendimento del tuo sito nelle ricerche e scoprire tante altre risorse per i webmaster Authorship markup is no longer supported in web search. To learn about what markup you can use to improve search results, visit rich snippets

This section should be a frequent port of call, as you keep an eye out for any new issues that could be impacting the crawling of your site. If your site has either a mobile presence or is in Google News, you will see tabs dedicated to any crawl errors specific to those products.Here’s how the recent COVID-19 pandemic has had a lasting impact on Google SERPs and what it means for the future of personalization. Google Webmaster Tools is the primary mechanism for Google to communicate with webmasters and helps alert you about issues with your site. This guide will walk you through the various GWT features, and what actionable data can be found within.

This section contains links to tools that are outside of GWT, but are of interest to webmasters, such as the Structured Data Testing tool, which enables webmasters to test their schema implementations, the Structured Data Markup Helper, and others.GWT shows you the number of errors, lists the pages, and shows a graph of your count over time for that particular error so you can see whether it’s been a gradual change or a more sudden occurrence (perhaps a code push caused unforeseen errors with a section of the site that no one noticed).The labs section contains functionality that’s in testing mode. When it’s deemed to be “ready for prime time” it will be promoted to the regular sections of GWT, or it may just vanish if it’s determined to not be useful.When Google wants to communicate with a webmaster, this is the place they’ll do so. There may be messages that inform you that you have pages infected with malware, that they’ve detected a large number of pages on your site, which may be an indication of other problems, or even just an informational message that your WordPress installation really needs to be updated to remove the possibility of anyone exploiting already known security holes in that platform.

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Ondersteuning krijgen This guide to Google Webmaster Tools will walk you through the various features of this tool, and give you insight into what actionable data can be found within. (For more in-depth help, go to Google’s Webmaster Help.) Methods delete Deletes a sitemap from this site. get Retrieves information about a specific sitemap. list Lists the sitemaps-entries submitted for this site, or included in the sitemap index file (if sitemapIndex is specified in the request). submit Submits a sitemap for a site

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Webmasters sometimes don't realize that their downloadable files are considered malware, so these binaries might be hosted inadvertently. See Protecting users from malicious downloads in our Google Online Security Blog for more on how Google helps protect users from malicious downloads This should help the index to be updated slightly more quickly than if Google were to just self-detect and follow the 301s.This is a great way of verifying that the Google crawler sees the page as you expect it to (remember the crawler is supposed to see the same page as the user would see), and that there are no externally injected hidden links on the page.If you’d like to be able to see your GWT data in Google Analytics (GA), you can use this tool to associate a site with a GA account. Simply select any currently linked GA account to associate it with this site. Should you not have a GA account, you have the option to create one here.

Here you can see a list of all authorized users on the account, and their level of authorization. A new user can be added here if needs be. You want to be found and we want to help. Track your site's search performance with Google Search Console and our additional webmaster resources There are five main methods of verification currently in place for GWT. There’s no real preference as to which method you use, although the first two tend to be the most commonly used as they’ve been around for longer.Inna Yatsyna guides you through the most common errors in contextual advertising with practical recommendations on setting up effective PPC ads.

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If you receive a cease and desist letter from an attorney demanding that you remove a page from your site, if you accidentally break a news embargo, or release an obituary while the person is still breathing, you’ll most likely want to get that page out of Google as soon as possible. Request body. Do not supply a request body with this method. Response. If successful, this method returns an empty response body. Try it! Use the APIs Explorer below to call this method on live data and see the response

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Here you can get an overview of the top keywords that returned a page from your site in the search results. Note the data shown here is collected in a slightly different way from your analytics platform, including GA, so don’t expect the number to exactly tally. Desideri costruire un sito accattivante e funzionale per gli utenti e con un'elevata visibilità nei risultati di ricerca? Scopri i nostri corsi e le nostre guide per realizzare siti di alta qualità ottimizzati per la ricerca. Mantente informado en los medios sociales con nuestras noticias, eventos y comunidades. Offer Details: Offer expires 9/30/2018 (midnight Pacific Time). Valid only for new and verified Bing Webmaster Tools account holders who own their own Website and open a new Microsoft Advertising account. Get 100 USD in Microsoft Advertising credits for signing up as a new Microsoft Advertising customer Si quieres que te encuentren en la Web, deja que te ayudemos. Realiza un seguimiento del rendimiento de tu sitio web con Google Search Console y consulta nuestros recursos para webmasters.

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The Search Console URL Testing Tools API enables you to run various performance and validation checks against a single web page. These tests run as a non-logged-in user, with permissions of the Googlebot crawler; this means that if your page is roboted to prevent access by Googlebot, these tests will not work Gli elenchi dei principali problemi, la documentazione di supporto e gli strumenti di test ti offrono un rapido aiuto in caso di problemi al tuo sito.

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And the best part? It’s absolutely free. If you don’t have a GWT account, then you need to go get one now.

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